Mar 04

SyFy Sets Premiere Dates for ‘Lost Girl’, ‘Bitten’

Lost GirlSyFy has set return dates for Bitten and Lost Girl as well as a freshman debuts for Haunting: Australia and Olympus.

According to Variety, the spring season on the network will kick off with freshman unscripted series, Haunting: Australia, which follows ghost hunters through their Australian travels, is set to premiere on March 24 at 10 p.m.

Following the premiere of Haunting, is another freshman series, Olympus, which is described as a mythological drama that deals with a world where powerful gods were sequestered to another realm, will premiere April 2 at 10 p.m.

The second season of the werewolf drama, Bitten, is set to premiere April 17 at 8 p.m. with a two-hour premiere, while the final season of Lost Girl will premiere the same night at 10 p.m.

Are you preparing yourselves for the last season of Lost Girl? Which new show are you looking forward to.

Mar 03

FXX Renews ‘Man Seeking Woman’

Man Seeking WomanLooks like we’ll be seeing more of Josh’s surreal look at dating.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FXX has renewed freshman comedy, Man Seeking Woman, returning for a second 10-episode season some time in 2016.

Man Seeking Woman follows the dating adventures of Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) as he seeks out to find love, as his sister Liz (Britt Lower), best friend Mike (Eric Andre), and ex-girlfriend Maggie (Maya Erskine) impart their own opinions on his journey.

Are you excited for more Man Seeking Woman?

Mar 03

Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – The Player’s Choice

SAB 030315Switched At Birth
The Player’s Choice

Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2015

Karen Belgrad – Managing Editor

As we head into next week’s spring finale (although, technically still winter), there are several storylines that seem primed to be front and center. Daphne is still acclimating to university life. Bay and Emmett are still torn asunder. Toby is still aimless. Kathryn is still working on her musical.

As much as a leap as the whole second book was, with Kathryn going from writing a book about the switch to a baseball tell-all, the musical is just, well, silly. And tonight, we heard the song Baseball Groupie, and it sounded like something out of Smash. Translation: Leah Thompson has a beautiful voice, but wow, is that song dated.

As for everybody else…

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Mar 03

Yahoo’s ‘Community’ Season Six Trailer Is Here

Community-Age of YahooCommunity is coming back for its sixth season later this month and from the looks of the trailer Yahoo Screen released today, it seems like things will be getting a little weird. But, it’s Greendale. How much weirder can it get, really?

In the two minute trailer, which had a whole lot going on, we also got to see new additions former Enlisted‘s Keith David and Criminal Minds and Thrilling Adventure Hour‘s Paget Brewster, who will be changing up the dynamic.

The sixth season of Community is set to premiere March 17 on Yahoo Screen.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think.

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Mar 02

TwoCentsTV Pilot News Round-Up: Week of February 23 – March 1

NETWORKSThe new year has arrived and that means one thing: pilots. Lots of them. The broadcast networks are all looking for new hit shows and the next couple weeks will be full of pilot orders. Here is the last of pilots from this week.
Check back next week for the next round of orders.
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Mar 02

Comic Book Men – Top 5 Funniest Moments – Secret Stashley

Comic Book Men
Secret Stashley

Original Air Date: Mar 1, 2015

Jeff L – Señor Staff Writer

photo: jeff l

photo: jeff l

Mar 02

TwoCentsTV News Round-Up: Week of February 23 – March 1

Empire_logoWelcome to TCTV’s weekly TV news Round-Up! There’s been a bit of news in that last week, and since we’ve hit the beginning of pilot season, sometimes we can’t get to every single piece.

So, here we have some interesting bits of casting and production news, teasers, renewals, cancellations, and trailers for some of your favorite shows and some that might make you want to watch.

Are you guys ready? Here we go!

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Mar 02

Once Upon A Time – Recap & Review – Darkness on the Edge of Town

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon A Time
Darkness on the Edge of Town

Original Air Date: Mar 1, 2015

Jules – Managing Editor

It’s been way too long ONCEers since we last saw our favorite Storybrooke clan. For a catch up of the season thus far, check out my midseason report.

Last we saw, Henry and Regina partnered with Emma on Operation Mongoose to find the Storybook author and Rumple was banished into the real world. Let’s see where the second half of season four takes us.

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Mar 01

TwoCentsTV Top 7 List – Top TV Moments from Feb 22 – Feb 28

022215TCTV’s weekly TV reminder or catch up of what stood out this week. A few finales and big episodes this week. So it goes without saying, but spoiler alerts ahead! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

As with any list, not every moment can be listed. Share your TwoCents on the moments below, but also what I may have missed and got you talking this past week.

So without further adieu, the top TV moments from this week in no particular order.

Modern Family - Connection Lost

Picture 1 of 7

Modern Family showed how modern it really is by making an episode take place entirely on Claire's laptop. Made out a bit like an Apple ad, but it was highly entertaining as well. A new way to tell a story that wouldn't have been possible in the traditional Modern Family way.

Mar 01

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Recap & Review – Boyle-Linetti Wedding

photo: fox

photo: fox

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Boyle-Linetti Wedding

Original Air Date: Mar 1, 2015

Laura Linick – Junior Editor

Terry’s suit has been altered to be tighter and Jake has been given the task of picking up the ring—a task that’s easy, last minute, and crucial as hell—his forte. Let the Boyle-Linetti Wedding begin.

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