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This Is Us – Recap & Review – The Big Day

This is Us The Big Day Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2017 Jules - Senior Managing Editor In a change of pace, this week's episode is set entirely

Elementary – Recap & Review – Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown

Elementary Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown Original Air Date: Jan. 15, 2017 Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer Hey, guess what? Joan’s stepfather apparently wrote a couple of books based

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My TwoCents: Why Pitch Needs a Season Two

The midseason hiatus is over and while we see the return of certain shows and premieres of new series, there are some that have finished up

Year in Review

TwoCentsTV Year In Review: 2016 – Part 2

It’s been a rough year but television has given us more than its fair share of distractions from time to time. 2016 was another busy