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2 Broke Girls – Recap & Review – And the Disappearing Bed

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2 Broke Girls
And The Disappearing Bed

Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2011

Dennis – TwoCents Reviewer

​Tonight’s episode was mostly about Max and her future in both her professional and personal life. She helped Caroline build a Murphy bed, take care of Peach’s freshly tanned babies, and hurt her balls on her horse with Johnny.

So what other crazy things happened this week? Read on for tonight’s review.

We open at the diner, where Caroline rightly complains to Max that she only got a $1.47 tip on a $50 order. So Max says she’ll handle it and goes out and chastises the guy, along with getting his date to dump him. At the girls’ apartment, Caroline says that they have something to talk about. She says that her life isn’t where she wants it to be so she brings out her vision board of her goals. One of those goals is a new bed so she orders a Murphy bed. Max mentions that the woman she nannies for, Peach, is throwing a party for her twins so Caroline asks her if they could cater it. Max is apprehensive.

​Back at the diner, Caroline’s had a busy day. She not only got her uniform altered but made business cards for her & Max’s cupcake business so they could hand them out to Peach and others. Max goes over to Peach’s’ apartment to ask her, but she stutters most of her words and runs out. After Max and Johnny flirt over celery at the diner, Caroline asks Max if she gave the card to Peach but Max says she couldn’t. Caroline then tries to show her that selling things isn’t so hard by selling copies of Earl’s CD with complete ease and confidence. That gives Max the courage to awkwardly go over to Peach’s and give her the business cards.

​Caroline is still slowly working on building her Murphy bed and tells Max she invited over Johnny to help out. Max, still freaked out over “the celery moment”, tells Caroline about the celery moment and says she doesn’t want him around. It’s too late though and Johnny shows up with beer and tools. Caroline tells Max to ask him about the “moment”, so Max & Johnny go out on the roof with Chester the horse. After talking about how cowboys talk, Max & Johnny ride Chester. They awkwardly talk about what happened at the diner and Max almost falls off of Chester, so Johnny grabs her boobs to keep her from falling off. The awkwardness finally reached a peak so Johnny leaves through the back. Max says she won’t show her cards anymore, professional or personal.

Later, Max finally breaks down and helps Caroline build her Murphy bed. After they’re done, Caroline gets a call on her phone from Peach (since the cards for their business had Caroline’s’ number on it). Peach ultimately passes on them, but Caroline says that it’s incredible since it shows that the cards actually worked. Their current total for their cupcake business is $423.25.

I think the show is slowly finding itself and learning from the mistakes of the first couple episodes. Some of the jokes on the show are still really tasteless, and there was even a rape joke tonight that was really offensive, but the show has put out less of those every week so I’m hoping that they’ll eventually marginalize themselves. The main draw of the show is still Kat Dennings, who really carries the show. Her scenes tonight, especially with guest star Nick Zano, really showed off her leading lady romantic-comedy chops. Also really funny tonight was, the only good supporting character, Earl. So what did you guys think of the episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

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