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2009 Fall Preview – ABC – Fridays

They’re super, they’re ugly and they’re John Stossel. They’re the stars of ABC’s Friday nights. You HAVE to feel bad for Ugly Betty to be stuck here.

Super Nanny
Premiere Date: October 16
Time: 8:00 PM EST

photo: abc
photo: abc

photo: abc
photo: abc
Ugly Betty
Premiere Date: October 9
Time: 9:00PM EST
TwoCents Reviewer: Karen
Starring: America Ferrera-Betty, Eric Mabius-Daniel,Vanessa Williams-Wilhelmina, Michael Urie-Marc, Becki Newton- Amanda, Tony Plana-Ignacio, Ana Ortiz- Hilda, Mark Indelicato-Justin,Judith Light- Claire, Daniel Eric Gold- Matt
Program Description: Betty Suarez is smart, sweet and hard working. The only problem is that she’s not thin and beautiful like all her coworkers at Mode, the high-fashion magazine where she works. The only reason the publisher hired her to be his son’s secretary, is that he thought Betty was someone who Daniel would never sleep with. Betty’s hard work and determination earns Daniel’s respect, as she helps him find his way through the shark infested waters of the fashion industry.
Where We Left Off: We left off with Betty running into Henry and kissing him without knowing that Matt saw it all. He got mad and broke up with her but not before telling her that he is now her boss…thanks to daddy-dearest(Cal). Daniel is heartbroken over the fact that shortly after marrying Molly ,she dies. Christina finds out that Wilhelmina’s baby is really hers and ends up taking the baby and hubby back to Scotland. We also find out that Claire and Cal had a baby together, but don’t know who he is or anything about him…but we will. Wilhelmina has a plan to get Mode money back, that Conner took…with the help of someone.Oh the drama.. can’t wait!

Premiere Date: Ongoing
Time: 10:00 PM EST

photo: abc
photo: abc

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