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2013/2014 Show Score Card – Canceled, In Trouble, Renewed

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Want to know how the 2013 – 2014 shows are doing? Want to keep track of the breaking news, rumors, hits, and misses during the 2013-2014 season??

TheTwoCents is here to help! Follow along with us in this post as we keep it all up to date as the information comes in!

New shows: Most new shows start off with a 13-episode order. If they’re a smash, the show will get a full season pick-up (or “back nine”, meaning nine additional episodes). If a show’s ratings are average or slightly above, a network may order three to six additional scripts. If ratings start off sluggish and continue to erode, the show is considered in trouble and isn’t long for the viewing world.

Returning shows: Many returning shows are currently in trouble of cancellation or are getting up there in age. The first few episodes of the season will make or break an established show, just like it does for a new show.

As premieres come (and sometimes go), existing show news is at an all time high. Updated on a breaking news basis, use this scorecard to keep track of all of your favorite shows as news happens! See what 2013-2014 shows are in danger of being canceled. Don’t see your show on here? Drop us a line and we can find info for you. Keep checking back and we’ll let you know as soon as the word comes down! We can’t possibly do every show on every network, but we’ll sure try!

We’ll call ’em as we see ’em! Could be:

  • Status Quo (no news is good news)
  • On The Bubble (Could go either way)
  • In Trouble (rumors of cancellation)
  • Renewed (full season or back-nine)
  • Canceled
  • Or whatever else we come up with to spread the word.

Updated: 8/20/14 5:30 PM ET



  • Baby DaddyRenewed
  • Chasing Life – Debuts 2014
  • Melissa and JoeyRenewed
  • Pretty Little Liars Renewed for Two More Seasons
  • RavenswoodCanceled
  • Switched At BirthRenewed
  • The FostersRenewed
  • Twisted – Status Quo


  • Comic Book Men – Status Quo
  • Halt and Catch FireRenewed
  • Hell On WheelsRenewed
  • Low Winter SunCanceled
  • Mad Men – Season 7 to Be Last, Split into Two Parts. Ends 2015.
  • The Killing – Canceled, fourth and final season to air on Netflix
  • The Walking Dead Renewed
  • TurnRenewed






  • Boardwalk EmpireRenewed, Season 5 to be last
  • Curb Your Enthusiam – Status Quo
  • Family Tree – Status Quo
  • Game of ThronesRenewed for two more seasons
  • GirlsRenewed
  • Life’s Too Short – Status Quo
  • LookingRenewed
  • Real Time With Bill MaherRenewed
  • Silicon ValleyRenewed
  • The LeftoversRenewed
  • The NewsroomRenewed – Upcoming third season to be last
  • The Ricky Gervais Show – Status Quo
  • Treme – Final Season begins December, 2013
  • True Blood – Final Season
  • VeepRenewed
  • ViceRenewed – Two Seasons



NBC Universal Logos

  • Being HumanCanceled
  • Continuum – Status Quo
  • Defiance – Status Quo
  • Face OffRenewed
  • Haven – Status Quo
  • Helix Renewed
  • Lost Girl – Status Quo
  • Warehouse 13 – Canceled, Season 5 to be Last


  • ConanRenewed Through 2018
  • Cougar TownRenewed, Sixth Season to be Last
  • Ground FloorRenewed
  • King of the NerdsRenewed
  • Men at Work – Canceled
  • Sullivan And Son – Status Quo
  • Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse – Status Quo


  • Dallas – Status Quo
  • Falling SkiesRenewed
  • Franklin & BashRenewed
  • Legends – Debuts 2014
  • King & Maxwell – Canceled
  • Major CrimesRenewed
  • Mob City (previously known as Lost Angels) – Canceled
  • Perception – Status Quo
  • Rizzoli & Isles – Status Quo
  • The Last ShipRenewed



  • Army WivesCanceled
  • Devious Maids – Renewed
  • Drop Dead DivaCanceled – Upcoming Season 6 to be last
  • The Client ListCanceled


    No shows currently listed


  • Brickleberry – Status Quo
  • South Park – Renewed through 2016

  • Happily Divorced (TV Land) – Canceled
  • Hot in Cleveland (TV Land) – Renewed
  • The Exes (TV Land) – Status Quo
  • The Soul Man (TV Land) – Renewed



  • Bates MotelRenewed
  • The Glades – Canceled
  • Longmire – Status Quo






  • Top Shot – Status Quo
  • VikingsRenewed


  • Portlandia – Status Quo


  • Awkward – Status Quo
  • Faking It – Renewed
  • Finding CarterRenewed
  • Teen WolfRenewed



    No shows currently listed


  • Call The Midwife – Returns 2014
  • Downton AbbeyRenewed
  • Mr. Selfridge – Status Quo
  • Sherlock – Status Quo


  • Black Sails – Debuts 2014
  • Da Vinci’s Demons – Returns 2014
  • OutlanderRenewed
  • PowerRenewed


  • Impractical Jokers – Status Quo

For information on the 2012-2013 season, click here

  • James P.

    The Blacklist has a full season order.

  • Jessica

    true blood’s final season starts in june.

  • James P.

    Walking Dead renewed for season 5.

  • James P.

    client list has been cancelled.

  • Ted Sterns

    You should update this section. I know that “Defiance” and “Falling Skies” were renewed. It was announced at New York Comic Con in October.

  • James P.

    Sean Saves The World has been cancelled.

  • James P.

    sean saves the world has been cancelled.

  • James P.

    The Big Bang Theory has been renewed through 2017.

  • t

    TNT Lost Angels. It says it’s set to premier in 2014 but I thought the recently canceled show Mob City was one and the same as Lost Angels, but a newer title. Is there a new Lost Angels or am I confused about the titles?

    • Jules

      Lost Angels named was changed to Mob City mid 2013. Mob City premiered in December 2013 and was subsequently canceled in January 2014.

  • t

    TNT King and Maxwell is cancelled I believe.

  • James P.

    The Americans has been renewed.

  • James P.

    Hot In Cleveland has been renewed.

  • James P.

    Castle,grey’s anatomy,once upon a time,scandal,resurrection,& revenge have been renewed.

  • James P.

    goldbergs,marvels agents of shield,& modern family renewed.

  • James P.

    the middle has been renewed.

  • James P.

    cougar town has been renewed for a sixth & final season.

  • James P.

    Undateable has been renewed for a 10 episode 2nd season.

  • James P.

    Welcome to Sweeden & the Soul Man have been renewed.

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