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2016 TwoCentsTV Awards – Fifth Wave of Voting

Many TV viewers feel that their favorites get overlooked during award season. The awards go to the ‘best’ or ‘most outstanding,’ but what about our favorites? What about the performances and TV related things that makes it fun for us to watch?

For the fourth year in a row, the TwoCentsTV Awards are here! Our nominees highlight some of our favorite performances, shows and other fun items from the past year in TV. The staff of TwoCentsTV came up with a great slate of nominees and a new set of categories will be announced every day this week. Voting ends August 5 and the coveted “Golden Piggy Bank” awards will be presented after.

So, please – vote, share, comment and let’s get the debate started!  Our first wave, second wave, third wave and fourth have been announced already. Today we are on our fifth and final wave of voting.

2016 Free Agent
2016 Energizer Bunny
2016 Late To The Party
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