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2016 TwoCentsTV Awards – First Wave Winners!

The time has come! We’ve tallyed the votes for the Fourth Annual TwoCentsTV Awards and the WINNERS have been decided. We’ll be announcing a set every day this week.

So let’s not waste any time and hand out some “Golden Piggie Banks!”


2016 Crack Up

The Winner of “Favorite Crack-Up” is: Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER Crack Up





Not the first time that Jim Parsons has taken home this award, and for good reason. He brings something new to Sheldon Cooper every season. Watching the character grow (even if it is at a glacial speed) has been a joy all these seasons and all along we just keep laughing with him.










2016 Powerful

The Winner of “Powerful Personality” is: Kerry Washington (Scandal)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER PowerfulPersonality




Olivia Pope sure went through a lot this past TV season, for better or for worse, and Kerry Washington portrayed it with so much emotion, which is no wonder why she won the “Powerful Personality” Award. Washington is who we come back week in and week out to watch and see how she portrays Olivia tackling the next big challenges in her life.










2016 Steal the Show

The Winner of “Favorite Show Stealer” is: Colton Dunn (Superstore)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER stealer




With the ensemble of Superstore bringing home the funny every episode, it may seem like a task to steal any scenes, but Colton Dunn does it every week. Through his character Garrett, he speaks what many viewers usually have in their own minds. He’s also a great example of fact that the one who remains calm and in touch with the rational side of their brains will be able to rule all when the chaos explodes!










2016 Bring The Funny

The Winner of “Bringing the Funny” is: Superstore (NBC)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER BringTheFunny



The little show that could quickly found an audience. With an amazing cast, relatable storylines and the feel of Parks & Rec/The Office from show creator, Justin Spitzer, this short-season replacement show quickly became one of our favorites. We can’t wait to see what the crew will do with a full season order and prime Thursday timeslot this year!











2016 Dramatics

The Winner of “Oh, The Dramatics” is: Outlander (Starz)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER Oh The Drama



In its second season, Starz time travel/romance/war drama took things even further… all the way to Paris. The amazing costumes and lush scenery only served to heighten the show as matters of subterfuge took front and center as the Frasers schemed to stop the Jacobite rebellion.Between run-ins with adversaries, a doomed pregnancy, and an illegal duel, it’s only a matter of time before the characters find their way back to Scotland, with the failure of their efforts ticking like a time bomb on the Frasers and their life in the 1700’s. By the time we’re reunited with Clare in 1960’s Scotland, and introduced to Brianna and Roger, it’s clear that the drama is only escalating. With an assured season three and four, viewers are on the edge of their seats waiting for more Claire and Jamie.

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