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2016 TwoCentsTV Awards – Second Wave Winners!

The time has come! We’ve tallyed the votes for the Fourth Annual TwoCentsTV Awards and the WINNERS have been decided. We’ll be announcing a set every day this week. Here are our First Wave winners.

So let’s not waste any time and hand out some “Golden Piggie Banks!”


2016 Rookie

The Winner of “Rookie of the Year” is: Quantico (ABC)

TCTV Award 2016 Rookie




In a tough category of rookie shows, this thriller series was a winner on ABC. This show about a group of FBI recruits and a traitor among them had it all. It had a talented cast led by Priyanka Chopra, shocking plot twists and lots of drama in between. We can’t wait for what the second season will bring.









2016 Final Bow

The Winner of “Favorite Final Bow” is: Castle (ABC)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER Final Bow






Even though Castle was hastily canceled by ABC after an eight season run, the series was able to end on a happier note when it was announced there was an alternate epilogue filmed just in case. The final scene with Caskett was a nice offering to long-time fans and felt like we at least got to see something we thought we’d get to see the characters go through but ultimately won’t.








2016 Gone Too Soon

The Winner of “Gone Too Soon” is: Agent Carter (ABC)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER Gone Too Soon





After just two seasons, fans had to say goodbye to Agent Carter. What’s worse is that there were many questions after that series finale and so many stories that could have been mined, from “who shot Thompson?” to “Peggy and Sousa kissed(!) now what?” And of course, there was the matter of the Jarvis’ and their heartbreaking fallout. It was sad to say goodbye to these characters that fans have loved and been invested in.








2016 OMG

The Winner of “Favorite OMG Moment” is: Sheldon and Amy have Sex (The Big Bang Theory)





I’m pretty sure we all still have a little bit of our chins stuck on the floor after they dropped so quickly when we witnessed Sheldon and Amy wake up in bed “Post-Coitus.” Not only that – Sheldon said he LIKED IT!

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