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2016 TwoCentsTV Awards – Third & Fourth Wave Winners!

The time has come! We’ve tallyed the votes for the Fourth Annual TwoCentsTV Awards and the WINNERS have been decided. We’ll be announcing a set every day this week. Here are our First Wave winners and Second Wave Winners.

So let’s not waste any time and hand out some “Golden Piggie Banks!”


2016 Favorite Baddie

The Winner of “Favorite Baddie” is: Black Jack Randall (Outlander)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER Baddie



There has perhaps never been a character quite so loathsome as Outlander‘s Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall. Just the mere presence of him on screen is enough to make one’s skin crawl, wondering what vile act he will perpetrate next, in the name of self-satisfaction or war.

Randall’s lack of humanity is never more prevalent than in the multitude of rapes (attempted and actual) over the course of the two seasons. His cruel mind games and sexual assault as he attempts to break Jamie’s soul, his attempted rape of Claire and Jenny, and finally when he sodomizes young Fergus. There is no redeeming Randall, not even at his own brother’s deathbed.







2016 Cast Addition

The Winner of “Favorite New Cast Addition” is: Echo Kellum (Arrow)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER New Addition




Season four of Arrow saw a new addition to the cast in the form of Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt, a new face at Palmer Tech. With his comedic background it was no surprise that he would bring the funny and it was great to see that dynamic play out as a kind of counterbalance to the drama throughout the season. From his dynamic with Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity to how he’s played meeting the Green Arrow and the team, it makes us glad he’s been promoted to series regular! Can’t wait to see his Mr. Terrific down the line!








2016 Star in the making

The Winner of “Favorite Star in the Making” is: Lennon and Maisy Stella (Nashville)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER Stars in Making




From the first time they took the big stage and sang ‘Ho Hey’ with Mom’s band, Maddie and Daphne cemented themselves and heavy hitters on “Nashville.” The sister duo behind them, Lennon and Maisy Stella have grown before our eyes and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these amazingly talented two. So happy to have them back on “Nashville” for another season over on CMT this year.









2016 Zombie Hero

The Winner of “Favorite Zombie Attack Hero” is: John Diggle (Arrow)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER Zombie Hero



Everyone needs someone that could help them survive the (hypothetical) zombie apocalypse and Arrow‘s John Diggle is the perfect candidate for that role. Over four seasons, fans have seen him become many things for the team: the muscle, the motivational speaker, and at times devil’s advocate. All things that would make Digg the ideal Zombie Attack Hero!










2016 Family Ties

The Winner of “Favorite Family Ties” is: The Wests (The Flash)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER TV Family





A functional relationship between a biological family feels kind of rare in the DC TV universe and perhaps one of the most functional and most entertaining to watch are the Wests. It’s no surprise fans voted the Wests for best TV family. Sure they disagree on things, but ultimately they are always there for each other, supportive and lending an ear or a shoulder to cry on, and it’s great to watch on superhero show.








2016 Crossover

The Winner of “Favorite Crossover” is: Arrow / The Flash(CW)

TCTV Award 2016 WINNER Crossover



The fans have voted and decided that their favorite crossover was this year’s Flarrow crossover! While introducing the Legends of Tomorrow big bad and members of the Legends (the Hawks), there were plenty of funny one-liners, massive team up fight scenes, and some…interesting developments.









2016 Throwdown

The Winner of “Favorite Throwdown” is: Peggy vs Dottie (Agent Carter)




In the season two premiere of Agent Carter we saw another exceptional Peggy Carter vs Dottie Underwood fight. This one was memorable as they were pummeling each other in the small confines of a vault with Peggy winning by smashing a bag of coins at Dottie (who is dressed like Peggy)’s head. The visual of the bag bursting with coins flying everywhere made it extra special visually and likely why it made it as the winner of Favorite Throwdown.

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