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2017 TwoCentsTV Awards – Modern TV Legend

We announced the winners for the Fifth Annual TwoCentsTV Awards earlier today and now it’s time for the one award TCTV gives out as decided by staff.

We are thrilled to give Greg Berlanti our 2017 Modern TV Legend Award!

This year’s Modern TV Legend award goes to a showrunner that is responsible for the largest shared superhero universe on TV right now, and someone we are convinced has his own super powers, Greg Berlanti!

It’s interesting looking at Mr. Berlanti’s body of work over the years because he is one of the few creators on television that many have grown up watching. From his work on Dawson’s Creek to family dramas like Everwood, Jack & Bobby, and Brothers & Sisters, he has always made sure that the characters and the relationships were at the heart of the show. That focus on the characters has caught the attentions and hearts of the staff here at TwoCentsTV. The super showrunner has given us some of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking moments that have still stuck with us through the years.

He continued the trend as he built the Arrowverse, mixing action, drama, and a lot of heart into each superhero’s story. From Oliver’s 10-year journey to where we saw him in the latest Arrow finale to Kara’s path to figuring out her own alien identity on Supergirl, Mr. Berlanti has given fans unforgettable and wonderful characters to root for.

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