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2017 TwoCentsTV Awards Winners!

The time has come! We’ve tallyed the votes for the Fifth Annual TwoCentsTV Awards and the WINNERS have been decided.

Let’s not waste any time and hand out some “Golden Piggie Banks!”

The Winner of Favorite “Crack-Up” is: Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)


From fish out of water (or underground bunker) to navigating career, love, and college, Ellie Kemper actively and adventurously gives her all to the naivete of Kimmy Schmidt. You may want to hug her, scold her, or learn along with her, but there’s no doubt you’re constantly laughing with her.


The Winner of Favorite “Powerful Personality” is: Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)

Maslany doesn’t play just one personality, but at any given time plays at least five clones and overall has played eleven over the five seasons of Orphan Black. Maslany has earned this win for playing each clone, from Sarah to Cosima to Alison to Helena to Krystal and Rachel with such perfection that each has its own distinct character nuances that mas made them each memorable.


The Winner of Favorite “Show Stealer” is: Chelsea Peretti (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)


There’s just something about the nine-nine’s Gina Linetti and her wild stories and Chelsea Peretti’s portrayal that manages to steal almost every scene she’s in. Her amazing deadpan delivery of some of Gina’s best moments make her the favorite show stealer.



The Winner of Favorite “Bring the Funny (Comedy)” is: Grace and Frankie (Netflix)

Grace and Frankie are #relationshipgoals in a time when women are being celebrated for their sisterhood. Rather than ending season 3 with Grace and Frankie pairing off with their respective men, Graces and Frankie literally fly into the sunset together because to them no one is more important than their ex-husbands husbands ex-wife.


The Winner of Favorite “Why So Serious (Drama)” is: Stranger Things (Netflix)

Stranger Things was one of those shows this year that caught the attention of many as we found ourselves rooting for Mike, his friends, and everyone as they found themselves going up against something straight out of their D&D campaign, a Demogorgon, in order to find their friend Will. The show had it all: the suspense, the action, and the drama, as we got to learn more about these wonderful characters.


The Winner of Favorite “OMG Moment” is: Final Scene of Arrow Season Five Finale

The season five finale provided plenty of surprise (and not so surprise) returns as Team Prometheus went up against Team Arrow as Oliver went in search for his son on Lian Yu. But it was the final scene that takes the OMG Moment as Oliver realized that he wasn’t ever going to beat Chase and Chase triggers the dead man’s switch, blowing up Lian Yu! Now the question becomes who survived?

The Winner of Favorite “Baddie” is: Prometheus (Arrow)

The fans have chosen, Arrow’s Prometheus is Favorite Baddie! After taking on the magical and mystical the last two seasons, Prometheus came in with a sociopathic desire (masterfully played by Josh Segarra) to watch Oliver Queen’s life crumble by destroying everyone he loves. The more grounded approach launched the show’s best baddie (yes, best) and fans loved every twisted second of it.

The Winner of Favorite “Rookie” is: Stranger Things (Netflix)


The fans have voted and given this show not only the favorite drama title, but the rookie of the year title as well! Stranger Things became a phenomenon that offered fans nostalgia, Eleven (and subsequent cosplay inspiration), and the story of a group of kids on an adventure with adults that believe them and come along for the ride.

The Winner of Favorite “Final Season” is: Bones (Fox)

There were a lot of shows we had to say goodbye to this past season but the fans have chosen the one that was their favorite final season: Bones. After 12 seasons, we had to say goodbye to Temperance, Booth, and company but not without seeing them tie up a few loose ends, deal with heartbreak and loss, find happiness, and see the beginning of the next phases of their lives.


The Winner of Favorite “New Cast Addition” is: Katie McGrath (Supergirl)

With Supergirl‘s ups and downs, one thing that was consistent in season two was the introduction of Lena Luthor. Lena lent some of her female empowerment to the series, but also became a great friend for Kara when she needed it the most. Lena had to step out from the shadows of her famous brother, stand up to her mother and made the hard decisions. And guess what? We haven’t seen the last of her as McGrath will become a series regular starting in season three.

The Winner of Favorite “TV Family” is: The Alvarezes (One Day At A Time)

With the Alvarez family, we got to see a family that loved each other, worked through their differences, and ALWAYS supported each other. Whether it was lending an ear to Lydia as she relived the moments she left Cuba or it was the family coming through for Elena at her quinces or the family just poking fun at each other, they were a delight to watch and found their way into our hearts.


The Winner of Favorite “Zombie Attack Hero” is: Supergirl


She’s the girl with super strength and power, why wouldn’t you want Supergirl around when a zombie attack happens? With all her powers, Supergirl also has the wits to make the right decisions in a battle to protect those that need protecting, which in a zombie attack would be the general public.


The Winner of Favorite “Throwdown (Fight)” is: Supergirl vs. Superman

In the season two finale of Supergirl, we saw an epic superhero dual between cousins no less. Superman may have been under the influence of silver kryptonite and thinking Supergirl was his arch-nemesis, but it didn’t hinder his power. Superman and Supergirl battled it out all over National City, including destroying buildings that ended with Supergirl delivering the last major uppercut blow on her cousin. It definitely was a battle for the ages that my have answer the question to which kryptonian is stronger.

The Winner of Favorite “Late Night Moment” is: Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer (Saturday Night Live)

The fans of SNL thought we had it golden with Alec Baldwin playing Trump. Nothing else would be better. THEN, Melissa McCarthy showed up. Here cartoon version of Sean Spicer had us howling with laughter and it never stopped. Kicking in high heels, chewing the world’s biggest piece of gum, driving a podium through NYC – they did it all. Pure Comedy Gold.


The Winner of Favorite “Guilty Pleasure” is: Girl Meets World (Disney)

Guilty pleasure may be a misnomer, as there was no shame in enjoying the next generation of the Matthews family. And while its air time has been woefully cut short, knowing that Cory and Topanga, as well as (maybe ) Riley and Lucas, Maya and Josh, Katy and Shawn, and Farkle and Smackle all live happily ever after may be pleasure enough.


The Winner of Favorite “Musical Moment” is: The Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Event

The fans have voted this musical crossover event as favorite musical moment and for good reason. When you have actors with musical backgrounds, you expect the best and the entire episode filled with five musical numbers had it all from heartfelt, to silly to fun. From the big musical number of “Put a Little Love in their Heart” featuring Winn, Cisco, Malcolm and Music Meister to the original number of “Super Friend” featuring Kara an Barry, the songs wove nicely into the storyline of the Music Meister and each character trying to find their way home. The episode ended lovingly with Barry’s solo “Runnin’ Home to You” which he sang to Iris.

The Winner of Favorite “TV Celebrity Tweeter” is: Stephen Amell (Arrow)

Our inaugural TV Tweeter winner has been voted on and it’s the Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell! From posting behind the scenes photos or offering cryptic hints about upcoming episodes (“I’ll see you on the boat”) that leaves fans theorizing and speculating until the episode airs, the Arrow star offers another way for fans to interact with the show.


The Winner of Favorite “BFF” is: Cisco Ramon (The Flash)

Cisco spent the past season with lots of highs and lows, possibly more lows, but at the end of the day, he stuck by his friends and turned corners because that’s the kind of BFF Cisco his. He’s there for you through thick and thin, good and bad, and while he has a hard time making decisions that could hurt his friends, sometimes that’s the kind of BFF Barry and Caitlin need.


The Winner of Favorite “New Resurrection” is: Psych (USA)

If the hype around Dule Hill’s snapshots on social media from the set are any indication – this return to the world of Psych will indeed be a very merry Christmas come December 2017. Shawn, Gus and the whole gang are back and then add in Chuck‘s Zachary Levi as the baddie and we’re HOOKED! Isn’t that right “Psych-os and Chuck-sters”?


The Winner of Favorite “TV Parent” is: Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life)

We loved Lorelai for years. We wanted her to be our BFF. Then she and Rory came back to use this past year. The real Mom in Lorelai shines through. We were there with her on every step over that year – the funny, the mad, the sad and the euphoric. If there’s anyone who will know how to handle those “last four words” – it’s Lorelai.


Be on the lookout for our TV Modern Legend winner to be announced later this morning!

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