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2017 TwoCentsTV Fall Forecast: Fridays

CXGF - Blindspot - Inhumans

With schedules out for the fall, some of the TwoCentsTV editors began taking stock and figuring out their own watch lists. With decisions on what to watch live and what to record, the editors also picked their network winners for each night of original programming.

Check out our forecast for Fridays this fall.

Brianna: I’ll be watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and might try to get back into Jane The Virgin after that finale.

Jules: I may or may not watch Once Upon A Time, but that’ the only show I’m interested in.

Inhumans sounded good, but I wasn’t hooked from the screener.

Brianna: Inhumans was a pass for me, too. The pilot left a lot to be desired.

Jules: ABC and NBC are trying to revive Friday night TV with some dramas, but I sadly think it’s a place for the shows to meet their demise.

Brianna: See, I’m not so sure about that especially if they’re looking at non-linear ratings. But, I will be interested to see how ABC genre night does up against CBS mainstays. And I’m curious to see how Blindspot does.

Jules: Yeah, I’m interested to see how all the show moves do, esp OUAT and Blindspot.

Brianna: Yep. I know Blindspot wasn’t doing spectacular after their Wednesday night move. But maybe it’ll do okay on Fridays?

Jules: Friday nights are a tough night, so it’ll be more about who watches. Friday nights have always been a catch-up night for me. Maybe. Blindspot ended with a new mystery so if that holds up. Hopefully, the viewership will too.

Brianna: Maybe. You never know, especially with changing viewing patterns.

Jules: Yup. Friday is up for grabs.

Brianna: Yeah.

And that’s it for Fridays! Check back Sunday’s Fall Forecast. Click here for Monday’sTuesday’s,  Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.

Who do YOU think will win Fridays this fall? What will you be watching live and which will you be recording?

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