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2017 TwoCentsTV Fall Forecast: Sundays

Ghosted - Ten Days in the Valley

With schedules out for the fall, some of the TwoCentsTV editors began taking stock and figuring out their own watch lists. With decisions on what to watch live and what to record, the editors also picked their network winners for each night of original programming.

Check out our forecast for Sundays this fall.

Brianna: ABC moving Shark Tank to Sundays is interesting.

Jules: yeah. 3 hours unscripted TV on ABC.

Brianna: It feels like a smart move for them. They did fairly well this summer I think with that strategy.

Jules: Agreed. Just a handful of new shows on Sundays across all the networks. None of which were interesting to me. Maybe Ghosted, but that’s only because I enjoy Adam Scott and Craig Robinson.

Brianna: I watched the Ghosted pilot during SDCC and I wanted to like it but I’m still on the fence. I also think launching a new show on Sunday will get them lost in the shuffle.

Jules: Agreed. Especially in the fall against football.

Brianna: Yep. It’ll be rough.

Jules:  [Sunday Nights in] the fall will be owned by NBC. For the other networks, everything is up in the air. CBS launching a new show at 8 pm while pushing back it’s Sunday staples is interesting. Don’t think it’ll work.I’ll still watch Madam Secretary, just probably later in the week.

Brianna: Oh! Yeah. Football will earn them a top spot Sunday nights.

Jules: I’m more interested to see how Sundays will look mid-season.

Brianna: Yeah. There are actually quite a few midseason shows, in general, I’m interested in seeing where they land.

And that’s it for Sundays! Click here for Monday’s , Tuesday’s,  Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, and Friday’s.

Who do YOU think will win Sundays this fall? What will you be watching live and which will you be recording?

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