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2017 TwoCentsTV Fall Forecast: Thursdays

The Good Place - Arrow - Orville - Scandal

With schedules out for the fall, some of the TwoCentsTV editors began taking stock and figuring out their own watch lists. With decisions on what to watch live and what to record, the editors also picked their network winners for each night of original programming.

Check out our forecast for Thursdays this fall.

Brianna: I honestly don’t think football will be that big of a ratings problem for other networks?

Jules: Nope.

Brianna: On the scripted side, Shondaland would pose a bigger threat. And for all of NBC’s “Must See TV” revival, I don’t see it making an impact beyond a few weeks into the season.

Jules: Yeah. Thursday belongs to Shondaland.

Brianna: It’ll be interesting to see how Will & Grace do in the midst of it all, though.

Jules: Yeah, the new eps are pretty good. WIll be interested to see how it fits back into the schedule and how it will fair.

Brianna: Yeah. I have high hopes that The Good Place and Superstore does well.

Jules: yeah. Me too about Superstore and The Good Place. They must have done well enough for NBC to leave them and put against CBS’s comedies and Shondaland.

Brianna: Yeah. They are fun shows, so I hope they continue to do well.

Jules: Arrow to Thursdays

Brianna: Yep. Still not happy about it. But, I think it’ll do fine relatively speaking. Happy about the 9 p.m. slot, though!

Jules: Fox shows should be worried.

Brianna: Oh, absolutely. I mean, The Orville may have done well enough with Football as a lead in but they already fell this week, and they were up against reruns and one new episode of TV.Not sure how Gotham will fair in the mix and on their new night.

Brianna: Watching live: Arrow, Superstore, and The Good Place. Might DVR Scandal’s final season.

Jules: Watching live: The Good Place and Arrow.

And that’s it for Thursdays! Check back tomorrow for Friday’s Fall Forecast. Click here for Monday’s and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.

Who do YOU think will win Thursdays this fall? What will you be watching live and which will you be recording?

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