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2017 TwoCentsTV Fall Forecast: Tuesdays

The Flash - The Mayor - This Is Us - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

With schedules out for the fall, some of the TwoCentsTV editors began taking stock and figuring out their own watch lists. With decisions on what to watch live and what to record, the editors also picked their network winners for each night of original programming.

Check out our forecast for Tuesdays this fall.

Brianna: This is when things might start to get dicey for my DVR.

Jules: I have The Flash at 8 pm, and This is Us at 9 pm. So happy NBC decided to leave This is Us on Tuesdays and at 9 pm.

Brianna: It was smart. I don’t think it would have done as well as they hoped on Thursdays. And up against Shondaland.

Jules: I don’t think it would have either. I only see a few new shows on Tuesdays, with a majority of returning shows, some moving from another day.

Brianna: Yeah. I’ve got Legends [of Tomorrow] at 9 p.m. and then two new shows I’m cautiously optimistic about with The Mayor and Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (my new Joan of Arcadia-ish show).

Jules: I enjoy black-ish and hope it still retains viewers, now that it’s at 9 pm between Fresh off the Boat and newbie The Mayor and against This is Us.

Brianna: Yeah. I’m hopeful, too. Such a good show. I’m wondering how Brooklyn Nine-Nine will fair. And I think The Mick might be in trouble.

Jules: Well 9 pm looks to be one of the most diverse hours on Tuesdays,

Brianna: Absolutely, which is nice in a sense. We got a ton of different options.

Jules: That 10 pm slot is always the hardest and I think that’s a toss-up. NBC still wins the night I think.

Brianna: By just having This is Us in their line up, yeah. Definitely agree with you.

And that’s it for Tuesdays! Check back tomorrow for Wednesday’s Fall Forecast. Click here for Monday’s.

Who do YOU think will win Tuesdays this fall? What will you be watching live and which will you be recording?

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