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2017 TwoCentsTV Fall Forecast: Wednesdays

Empire - Survivor - Riverdale - Dynasty

With schedules out for the fall, some of the TwoCentsTV editors began taking stock and figuring out their own watch lists. With decisions on what to watch live and what to record, the editors also picked their network winners for each night of original programming.

Check out our forecast for Wednesdays this fall.

Jules: Technically, I don’t watch anything on Wednesdays. I think it’ll be interesting how The Blacklist fairs on a new night and at 8 pm against Empire and Survivor.

Brianna: Yeah. It’ll be tough. Especially with those two.

Jules: ABC has a second straight night of 2-hour comedy block.

Brianna: Which is normal for their Wednesday nights. I think they’ll do fine.

Jules: Yeah. That 9 pm slot again is all over the place.

Brianna: I just have a lot of questions about the CW’s choices for Wednesday shows. Riverdale was struggling last season, admittedly on Thursday nights. But, they are still in trouble on Wednesdays.

Jules: Yeah. I think both CW shows are in trouble on Wednesday.

Brianna: Yeah. Dynasty starting behind Riverdale doesn’t seem smart. But, besides Jane the Virgin, I don’t know what else it would have launched behind.

Jules: Agreed. I was intrigued when CW picked up the series and who it would be paired with. But to give the show a shot, you have to put it not on Fridays, but Wednesdays is very busy

Brianna: Exactly.

Jules: A lot of established shows on this night.

Brianna: Yep. And, established *big* shows. SVU. Empire. I think if they had kept Mondays as a soapy night, they could have made JTV and Dynasty work. But then, not sure where Supergirl would go.

Jules: And Survivor and Criminal Minds.

Brianna: Yep.

Jules: Exactly (re CW).

Brianna: In terms of my own viewing, I don’t regularly watch any of those shows. Though I think I will be popping into Chicago PD to see how they deal with Sophia Bush leaving.

Brianna: The 10 p.m. shows, though, all have sizeable viewers, so I think they’ll all do relatively the same.

Jules: Agreed.

And that’s it for Wednesdays! Check back tomorrow for Thursday’s Fall Forecast. Click here for Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

Who do YOU think will win Mondays this fall? What will you be watching live and which will you be recording?

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