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Family Guy – Recap & Review – Three Kings

photo: FOX
photo: FOX

Family Guy
Three Kings

Original Air Date: May 10, 2009

Thomas Nikl

OK, readers, only two episodes of Family Guy left this season. What complex social issue will they poke fun at this week? Come with me and find out!

Peter hosts a knock off of Masterpiece Theater. First, he’s going to take us through Stephen King’s classic “Stand by me”. Richard Dreyfus actually lends his voice to the episode so that’s cool. Soon young Peter, Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe are off on their adventure- and their young characters are drawn to resemble the actual kids from the movie. Joe looking like Corey Feldman looks really funny. Sure enough, the boys scale the junk yard and get chased by the dog (played by Brian) and soon they arrive at the railway bridge. Oh no! It’s the train!! Run, boys, run!! Unfortunately, Joe actually gets run over and he’s back in his wheel chair- even in this story. Eventually the boys find the dead body- which is Meg. And that’s the end of story numero uno!

Next up on Peter’s reading list? Misery. Brian plays the writer, Paul, who gets in a car accident and subsequently taken in by a crazy obsessed fan played by Stewie. Stewie is obviously mad that Snuggly Jeff dies in his current manuscript so she demands Brian (Paul) re-write it with Snuggly Jeff surviving this time. Of course, The sheriff Joe finds Brian but Stewie comes home and blows his legs off- and then finishes him off. And then Brian finishes the book and that concludes our second story.

The final book on Peter’s reading list? The Shawshenk Redemption. Peter is starring as Tim Robbin’s main character, Andy Dufrane, and Cleveland is of course Morgan Freeman’s character- Fox. Peter makes Star Wars figurines and the warden sells them for cash and soon Peter is cleaning the warden’s office. Soon Peter is off and the warden finds Peter’s tunnel hidden behind Peter’s David Cassidy poster. We even get Cleveland’s parole board hearing- where he is paroled. Cleveland finds Peter’s hidden box but he can’t remember the name of the Mexican city. Hahaha. Awesome.

Sorry for the short R&R, readers, but as Family Guy has condensed seven hours worth of movies into twenty one minutes of animated comedy, I was only able to condense twenty one minutes of animated comedy into one minute of online reading goodness! So, I think I’ll end this R&R with the quote Peter used to end the episode: “Thank you Stephen King- we’ll see you in court. Now stay tuned for whatever Fox is limping to the barn with”.

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