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24 – Recap & Review – 1:00 A.M.-2:00 A.M.

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1:00 A.M.-2:00 A.M.

Original Air Date: March 1, 2010

Brittany Frederick – Staff Writer

We open this week with the Dana story again. Sigh. Poor Cole is trying to do CPR on Kevin. Sad that of course Kevin’s a jerk right up until he dies, and now that he’s dead we feel just a little bit remorseful. George Mason Syndrome, anyone?

Anyway, Cole decides he’s going to cover up Dana’s past to protect the woman he loves. He’s a better person than me; I’d be running the other way and fast.

Meanwhile, Hastings tells Rob Weiss he’s not going to bust Renee and that Weiss can shove it. I’d be more impressed with his courage if I didn’t know from last week that it’s only because of the deal he made with Jack. Who is, as usual, looking Very Concerned as he speeds on his way to the action, making up a tactical plan as efficiently as the rest of us make grocery lists.

The President says your people blow up my country, I’m going to frag your country. Seems fair, doesn’t it? As she’s saying this, the poor security guy that President Hassan had arrested decides to escape custody. Oops. You can just hear Hassan going, “FML.” His brother didn’t get any of the smarts either, because against Hastings’ orders, he moves and the sniper in waiting pops him two seconds before Jack arrives, so Jack has to try to get information out of him as he bleeds. Of course he dies. Jack decides to fake the guy’s survival to use him as bait. As long as they don’t try to make him talk. (I have been watching way too much Jeff Dunham.)

The bad guys all go “OMGWTF.” At least one of the new bad guys is nice enough to call his mom and tell her to leave town before he screws up the city? I guess that’s vague brownie points.

Everyone’s evacuating the UN to go to a secure Air Force base, and Hassan is too busy trying to track down his daughter who’s gone to hook up with Security Guy. He doesn’t want to leave and get his kid blown up. Okay, so maybe he’s not a stuck-up pain in the butt all the time. One of the things I love about 24 is that you love and hate everyone at some point.

As Jack is trying to secure the hospital, Renee decides to call him. Why does everyone on this show decide to have a Moment on the phone in the middle of some big tactical event? That always ticks me off. I have no clue if he just asked her out or what, but I could care less because there’s a guy with a bomb in the building! At least they don’t drag it out too long. Unfortunately, Guy With Bomb is stuck with CTU Newbie, who looks like he wants to cry. He’s not evil as I thought, he’s just really new at this. Thankfully, he survives when Arlo disarms the bomb via mobile command and Jack swoops in to save the day.

…or so we thought as Guy With Bomb decides he’d rather throw himsef out the window and do a runner. Jack takes off after him only to figure out he’s locked himself in some sort of pressure chamber. They’re going to have to blow him up. Where’s Achmed the Dead Terrorist when I need him? The bad news is Guy With Bomb tells the bad guys that Hassan’s brother is really dead. Also, he has a manual way to detonate the bomb. Something is going to blow up, and it’s not in a way that I would like.

Here’s to hoping this episode puts the Dana drama on the back burner, and all the other personal melodrama. It will be interesting to see how Jack talks his way out of this next dilemma, because either that bomb is blowing up or Jack is blowing that pressure chamber in, but either way there’s not going to be a happy ending. That’s another thing I love about this show: sometimes there are no good choices. That situation makes for honest, really good drama. Now, if we could only get Renee back into the field and not relegated to the ‘standing on the side pining for Jack’ role, I would be happy. As long as she’s not trying to date him…

Bring on next week!

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