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24 – Recap & Review – Day 7: 3:00AM – 4:00AM

photo: fox
photo: fox

Day 7: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM

Original Air Date: April 27, 2009

Jeff P. – Sr. Staff Writer

Last week’s episode of 24 left off showing us how bad Tony Almeida has become, leaving his friend and ex-colleague to suffer from his contracted disease by taking his drug pack. There are 5 episodes left including this one, so I’m sure our boy will pull through.

And he does pull through when Dr. Macer gives him an IV shot of pan dopamine. Jack is able to get “Stop Tony” out, but not quick enough to prevent Tony from killing two agents and escaping. Jack blames himself and apologizes to Renee who now realizes that Tony murdered Larry.


Tony tells Robert at a motel that his money was wired to his account and Robert gives him a bag, but no canister. They scuffle and Tony smothers him with a shower curtain and demands to know where Robert hid the canister. Elsewhere, Jack and Renee call into the President to update her on the situation with Tony, and she updates them on Jonas. Jack has the idea to offer Jonas “proof” that his suicide worked and he was dead in exchange for information. Tony meets up with the imposter form last episode, Cara Bowden, at the motel. Apparently Tony and Cara are closer than the average terrorist from what we see. Tony thinks that they should release the canister now because this will push the country over the edge. Cara reminds him that they’ll have to talk to “the Company” first.


President Taylor gets in a debate with Olivia regarding the handling of Jonas Hodges. Olivia wants him treated like an enemy combatant, but the President wants to make sure that the American people are safe and thinks that Jack’s idea is the only way to do it. We then get into an online “meeting” of the mysterious Company, with Cara as the moderator. She tries to convince them of the benefit of attacking now, and not wait for 6 months. She sends a private message to Alan and asks him to say yes for her. He does, and this convinces the group to approve the attack immediately. Tony kisses her to thank her. Tony, that snake in the grass stinker.


Jack and Renee get back to FBI Headquarters where Jonas is kept in a makeshift hospital bed. Jack gives the offer to Jonas, and Jonas starts his diatribe about why he had to do what he did. He tells Jack of the plan to make attacks and blame them on innocents, to make the U.S. feel that they needed the services of defense contractors. After a fake phone call to the Washington Post, Jonas finally gives up that there was a woman who moderated over the private group. Jack tells the President that he believes the best strategic move would be to attack the country now. He asks for the closed files of CTU to be opened up to speed up the investigation and find the canister. The President authorizes this and offers the full support of the U.S. government to Jack. (Yaaay!). Jack calls Chloe, who is still at her hotel. He tells her that Bill was killed, and that he needs her help because the threat isn’t over. She agrees and tells Morris to take Prescott out of Washington.


Jack briefs the FBI of the threat and of Tony and Cara and then meets Chloe. He tells her that Tony is responsible for the attacks and she has difficulty believing him. He asks her if she is with him, and she answers that she’ll do what he says. But Jack corrects her and asks again if she’s with him… and she says she is. Tony and Cara arrive at the house of the guy they plan to frame for the attack. He is shown in his house with another man and he tells him that he wants him to come home after work because of the attacks today. He said it’s not good to be Muslim on a day like today.


Olivia tells Aaron of her opposition to the deal made with Jonas. He tells her that he knows of many injustices, and that her mother had made a tough decision. He asks her if he can do anything else for her, and she says “Kill Jonas Hodges”. He looks at her and she tells him that she didn’t mean what she said. (Or DID she?). Then, Olivia calls someone named Martin and wants to meet him to discuss the idea of taking care of one’s problems. Back at the FBI, Jack blows up at Janis for complaining of their meddling with CTU’s files and their effect on the personal lives of Americans. When he yells at her he erroneously uses President Palmer as his reason for opening them, who of course, is long dead. Chloe now knows that something is wrong with Jack. The episode ends with Tony’s team overtaking the innocent man’s apartment and Tony putting a gun to his head.

I enjoyed this episode, and the energy is ramping up for the season finale. It’s hard to believe that we once had to deal with Dubaku in the same season as this. It seems like a different world! My favorite part of this episode was the online meeting of the Company. It’s very cool to see these hidden enemies of the U.S. and know that at some point, Jack will be going after them. It might be a great base for next season. There are 12 of them, so maybe he can catch one every two episodes? Eh.. maybe not. But heck, I like them. Do you see the Company as a good season? Would you like to see Tony stay alive and be his archenemy next year? Your two cents is always appreciated.

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