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30 Rock – Recap & Review – Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish

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30 Rock
Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish

Original Air Date: Dec 2, 2010

Laura Kelley – Associate Staff Writer

At the start of this oddly titled episode, Tracy’s “son” Donald comes to Jack with a business proposal since his Tracy Jordan Institute of Karate failed: a theme restaurant in Times Square. Jack is, predictably, unenthusiastic about the idea.

Elsewhere, Jenna and her transvestite Jenna impersonator boyfriend are planning their 6-month anniversary celebration, and Jenna is hopeful he will propose they make a sex tape to celebrate their love and then leak it to the media. And who says romance is dead?

Liz hasn’t spoken to Carol in five days, and she‘s getting insecure, because they are less like sharks in their relationship and more like “legless turtles rotting on the beach.” Jack suggests she talk to a therapist, so she dumps her problems on Kenneth, who is reminded of his own terrifying past trauma. Jack goes to check out Donald’s theme restaurant, which he thinks is stupid for some inexplicable reason. Who wouldn’t want to eat at a restaurant where the theme was monster fights? I would go there every day! Jack tells Tracy he needs to stop coddling Donald, and Tracy does.

Jack becomes Kenneth’s therapist, using his “mind vice” to crush Kenneth’s problems. Liz had told Kenneth about her uncle Harold, which brought up Kenneth’s memories of Harold, a pig he once knew, who was his father figure that he had to eat in his entirety (even the face) to get the money to come to New York. Even though he once ate an entire witch—what the frak, by the way—this was still traumatic. I love Kenneth’s stories, and I feel like each thing we learn about him is more disturbing. If I had to rate Kenneth eating his pig father on a scale of things that are disturbing to me, it would be just below being forced to moisturize in Buffalo Bill’s creepy pit. This show is awesome.

Paul refuses to make a sex tape with Jenna, instead wanting her to meet his parents, and they break up because she is ridiculous and wants to go to a Japanese sex resort (this would probably be creepier than the father pig in real life. Don’t go there.) Liz thinks she’s over her issues and starts eating eggs again, and Jack brings Tracy and Donald back together with a speech about proteins and turning in Communists. This episode was pretty fantastic. I love when shows walk that line between hilarious and disturbing, so this episode was probably my favorite of the season. Every time I eat pork I will be haunted forever, and slightly dismayed I’m not winning a contest. What did you guys think? Leave your two cents in the comments and have fun trying to sleep tonight with that image of Kenneth’s pig father’s face burned into your retinas.

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