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30 Rock – Recap & Review – When It Rains, It Pours

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30 Rock
When It Rains, It Pours

Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2010

Laura Kelley, Associate Staff Writer

Things are changing for Liz Lemon. Not only is she in a relationship that’s not with a pretend astronaut, she’s also getting hit on by construction workers, and Jenna thinks she looks “like a pretty refugee on the news.” She also gets some big news: Jack and Avery are expecting a son. Kenneth hides in the NBC offices, wearing a cape and doing his former job.

Tracy is hiding out in his dressing room, somehow trying to ensure that he doesn’t miss the birth of his third child. He was making French bread pizza during the first one, and forgot all about the second one. Well, Jack will at least have a better excuse.

Jack worries that he’ll be dead when his son grows up, so he decides to make videos for him. I would like copies of these to show to my own future child one day, because oh my God, Jack would have the best advice. Meanwhile, a fire drill makes Tracy leave his dressing room, and he accidentally gets lost before Angie goes into labor. Jack makes his video and claims he wrote “You’re So Vain,” making that song exponentially more incredible. He also imparts the pearl of wisdom that his secret to strong hair is dove blood. Liz uses her newfound sex appeal to convince an editor (Paul Giamatti) to do the show’s titles.

Tracy gets off the bus he wandered onto and gets into a Cash Cab. Jack finds Kenneth and tells him he has to stop hiding, and Kenneth decides to reapply for his old job. The editor, Richie, has been spreading a rumor that he and Liz are dating, and Brian Williams teases her, forcing her to confront Richie. Richie was just trying to make another woman jealous.

Tracy answers every Cash Cab question right, so he makes it to the hospital, where Kenneth has been pretending to be him. Liz agrees to fake a breakup with Richie in front of the woman he loves, who falls for it. Avery tells Jack they’re actually having a girl, forcing him to make new advice videos. Liz tries to help, but when she says that bandannas are a great accessory, Jack stops her. What did you guys think of this week? Leave your two cents in the comments, and I’ll see you next week.

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