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Hawaii Five-O – Recap & Review – Powa Maka Moana

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Hawaii Five-O
Powa Maka Moana

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2011

Rachel M – Staff Writer

It’s underage party boat time in paradise, what could possibly go wrong? Suddenly, a speed boat carrying ninjas approaches. They shoot the captain and push everyone below deck. Pirates have really gotten back to basics in the wardrobe department haven’t they?

Danny and Steve are pushing his Dad’s classic car uphill in the heat. Danny is having a conniption. But he really oughta enjoy the view. Five-O is on the case of the party boat. Coast Guard started a search, they found the boat but only find the dead captain and a dead pirate. Kono finds a phone that one of the kids was taking video with and there is a clear shot of the boat. A small door starts to creak, Vanessa Minnillo is hiding inside. Susan was a crew member. More after the jump.

Questioning her she helps them learn about the pirates. Apparently there’s an app for identifying guns, which Steve finds helpful. She also saw one of them. When she is released she rushes into her fiancee’s arms, played by real-life fiancee Nick Lachey. The college kids are apparently alive, and they’re parents are being ransomed for 20 million dollars. Kamekona comes, training for sumo, and he confirms their suspicions that it’s a Tongan gang.

Kono and Chin find that the dead pirate was killed 24 hours before the captain. Steve and Danny get a tip and hit up a pawn shop that supposedly fences the stolen goods. The guy won’t open the cage door, so Steve gets a grenade and blows up the door. Danny: “Come on, what is the matter with you! You need help! I’ll pay for it!” Steve just walks through the door and into the cage where they find the stolen goods from the college kids on the party boat. The gang busts into a house that has a lot of scary looking Tongan gang members, but they don’t find any hostages. We get to see that they are in a cage, in a warehouse, surrounded by pirate/ninja’s with AK-47’s.

The team takes and processes all the guys anyway. One particularly scary guy gets to be interrogated in a cement block room. They show him the picture of the dead pirate, apparently it’s bad guys cousin and he wants revenge. He admits to being a thief but not a kidnapper. Steve wants to book him, but the guy uses the watch he stole yesterday as his alibi. Danny best line: “Oh so you pirates have a piratey cone of silence thingie going on?” Steve is convinced that the real pirates are framing the Tongan’s though, and the evidence seems to suggest that. The parents want to just pay the ransom and get their kids back, but Five-O can’t let them do that. It’s hard to have a leg to stand on when you have no idea where the kids are or who has them. Steve has experience with loved ones being kidnapped (his Dad and his sister) so he’s determined to get everyone back alive.

Kono has run all the financials, and found some interesting anomalies. Got to love Spring Break as they head down to the bar where someone is using the stolen credit cards. Kono really doesn’t need any help from Chin to apprehend one the bartenders who bolts. He’s just an idiot running a credit card fraud scheme. There are now two reports of a slightly older guy who was hanging around the kids. This guy gives out the party cruise tickets to the 12 missing children. While they’re piecing it together, the kidnapper calls. They got some of the money but not all of it? And he intimates that someone is already dead. Kono is able to trace the call, and they find one of the boys dead on the beach. They now have to make a notification, and the annoying, outspoken parents from the meeting are the ones they have to tell. The wife blames the husband and they are both distraught. The father admits to dropping off cash.

The kidnapper calls back and demands the rest of the money and a plane in one hour. The guy has a lot of demands, including having Susan make the exchange by herself. It’s a big deal to use a civilian but the team doesn’t have a lot of choices. At Five-O HQ, the parents are bringing in the cash and Steve is trying to convince Susan to make the drop. She says she’ll do it, and the kidnapper calls with the final instructions. Seriously, does this EVER work out for the hostage takers? EVER? They’re at the warehouse and Susan carries the giant bag o’money into the pirate/ninjas. The kids are already on the bus. She drops the bag, and all of a sudden it’s not a bad situation anymore. One of the guys in the masks is Tyler aka Nick Lachey. Instead of money, the bag is full of phone books and a flash bomb. The team moves in, but Tyler almost gets away on a trolley. McGarrett leaps into the moving vehicle and shoots him. The whole thing was a set-up! Twisty!

All the other kids are reunited with their parents, and the day is saved with a minimum of casualities. I really loved this episode’s twist. I wish we got to see the team actually work in person together more like they did here. And maybe have some alternate pairings, it was great when we saw Steve and Chin for a change right? Enough of me, what do you think? TwoCents! Down there! Right now!

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