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Warehouse 13 – Recap & Review – Don’t Hate The Player

photo: syfy
Warehouse 13
Don’t Hate the Player

Original Air Date: Aug 15, 2011

Rachel M – Senior Staff Writer

So Douglas Fargo from Eureka makes another visit to the Dakotas. Will he flirt with Claudia now that he has a budding relationship with Holly? Or are we on a different timeline? Back to the show at hand Rachel! Don’t jump ahead!

Claudia gets a call from someone in Eureka named Gibson, Fargo told him to call Claudia if anything weird happened. Cause weird things don’t happen ALL THE TIME in Eureka.

Fargo is seizing on the couch and it looks bad. Claudia, Myka and Pete go to Palo Alto to help Fargo and his friends. They are plugged into a video game, which I think we can safely assume is an artifact of some kind.

It’s a full sensory experience video game. They plug into the game, and then they are inside of it. But they used an artifact to augment the game. Idiot. (PS- does Warehouse 13 have some sort of teleportation device to get them places super fast.) The artifact is Beatrix Potter’s tea set, and it basically brews magic mushroom tea. Claudia doesn’t think anything can be done from the outside, but Claudia thinks they can help from the inside. Pete and Claudia go into the game, this is awesome.

Inside the game, Pete is a gladiator and Claudia is an elf. Fargo made a Warehouse 13 video game 🙂 Fargo has written in Artie as a Hun like madman. He is the Quest Master, and challenges Pete to take on the quest. He introduces himself and Claudi-elf. At which point I have to pause because I’m laughing so hard. They have to follow the written quest, which is going to prove difficult.

The cave of mysterious whatever leads them to a trapped woman. They don’t know much about her but decide to free her. It’s a winged Lena, who rewards them with guidance and a feather. But something evil this way comes. They find their way to the dark chamber, where Claudia snags the key and they pull Fargo out of quicksand. The controllers that allow them to come out of the game are snagged by the evil Grim Reaper bad guy. Fargo admits that the bad changes weren’t part of the original schematics. The tea set brings out the dark side of people’s imaginations.

They have to try and finish the game which will end the game. Myka tries to track down Fargo’s friends girlfriend to find out his darkest nightmares and help everyone trapped in the game. She comes in, but they are exes, so what does that mean? The questing crew continues on, but when they get to the top of the tower, Fargo has to tell Claudia that she’s the princess in his dreams. She’s not wearing much and he’s augmented her in certain areas. wink wink nudge nudge The Reaper is the friends ex-girlfriend, and she steals Jerry away in a puff of black smoke.

So now they are on their own. But Claudia has the feather of Lena, who will help them. She takes them to save the friend, but then Claudia’s fear comes to life. One left over from her time in the pysch ward. So now everyone is super distressed. Myka comes to the rescue by bringing herself into the game and they come up with a plan. They have to get Jerry to confront his fear, in order to win. Yay! They win and everyone lives.

Jinks: Jinks is called into help the southern FBI agent Sally who tried to arrest him before Myka came to save the day. Artie is with him, and already cranky about the Fargo escapade. Artie blows her off, because he spots the culprit. A Van Gogh painting, that he wants to steal to avoid telling Sally anything.

Artie uses his Warehouse tricks to steal the painting, despite Jinks’ misgivings. But Sally catches them in act, and tries to force Artie to spill. He sort of kind of lets her in on the plan, to swap out the painting. He uses another artifact to make a replica, she sneezes on the painting which starts it storming, so now she’s on their side even though she thinks they’re crazy.

She uses an opportunity when the security starts to fail to steal the artifact. What the heck?! But then she bails them out with the cops. She gives them back the painting, but something is fishy. Remember she’s in league with the shady character.

Claudia goes to the coffee shop and plays for a crowd, she’s really good! Win for Claudia. Sally reports to some stranger in a wheelchair, and it’s clear she planted a bug in the painting and Warehouse is under attack. Yikes! Holy cow! Major enemy alert!

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