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Ugly Betty – Recap & Review – The Passion of Betty

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Ugly Betty
The Passion of Betty

Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2010

Karen – Sr. Staff Writer

Finally, Betty is back from her holiday hiatus. It opens with Dr Farkas making some moves on our Betty. Yuk! After all the commotion he caused with Henry and baby mama Charlie….how dare he. Betty politely tells him she has a boyfriend and wants to know when the braces are coming off (don’t we all). He is embarrassed and therefore tells her to find another orthodontist. Geez, if you have kids and paid for braces…believe me, he better follow through!!

So Mode has a new Creative Director by the name of Denise. But when Daniel tells Wilhelmina she can have her job back as co Editor in Chief, she wants Denise gone as a stipulation. Willie is back!

Matt and Betty are spending a lot of time together…a LOT of time. So much that Betty is feeling a bit smothered and annoyed. She talks to Daniel about it and he suggests he get back to painting-a passion he had before Mode.
Hilda still hasn’t told Bobby and the rest of the family that she is preggers.

As Denise and Daniel are being interviewed by Suzuki, he hopes she screws up because she knows nothing of fashion. But she answers his questions perfectly. But as Suzuki takes a break, Daniel questions her of how she knows so much of fashion. She tells him she doesn’t know anything, she was prepped with answers. Marc quietly turns on the camera without her knowing and catches her talking about how she is fashion senseless. Later, she gets fired! Daniel suggests Willie can do it and tries to push Cal out, Claire is angry.

Without Matt knowing, Betty takes a nice picture Matt did, to an art gallery. She likes it and wants to see more. She then takes her to a storage room where more of Matt’s work is stored. To keep Matt from knowing, she tells the woman to take whatever she likes, to show at the gallery. Betty has no idea what she takes.

Back at the Suarez home, Papi and Hilda argue when he finds out she is hanging around with Bobby. Ignacio feels he is a thug and no good.

Back at Mode, Willie overhears Amanda mention that Claire went to South Dakota. Cleverly, she sets a trail of fashion items for Amanda to find and follow like a kid in a candy store. She ends up in a stairwell with Willie who is demanding answers about Claire and SD. It saddened me for Amanda to cave in and spill the beans- she and Claire were becoming buds! But at the same time , I loved this scene and how funny it was.

During all the drama, Marc is being stalked by Troy (his one night stand in the Bahamas). Troy keeps telling him that he loves him and is buying gifts. Amanda is quite amused and tries telling Marc to be gentle with Troy (this is really Becki Newton’s brother).

Betty takes Matt to the art exhibit and both are shocked at what they see. Matt can’t believe Betty gave these pics to the woman. Betty is shocked at all the different pictures…of her! And these are not pretty ones either! We find out these are the pics he did during their “time off” from each other. Amanda and Marc watching Betty with open-jawed look- PRICELESS!
Matt is furious at what Betty did. He tells her that he is passionate about her and that she is just not passionate enough.

Cal finds out Claire didn’t abort the baby. He calls him a bastard, and Claire is appalled/hurt. Cal wants nothing to do with the baby.

At the gallery, Hilda (getting pressure from Papi) questions Bobby as to where he got the TV for Justin. Then she sees him give money to a cop outside the gallery. She goes out yelling at him, accusing him of paying off a cop. Bobby tells her he owed it to him, he is a friend. She goes back inside and he follows. She blurts out that she is carrying his baby. Papi, drops the wine glass, and shocked Bobby walks out.

Next morning:
Bobby stops by and says he will support the baby and wants to be part of his/her life. Hilda is glad.
Claire tells Cal to leave and threatens to tell Tyler(baby) that he is the heir if he doesn’t.
Betty tells Matt that she IS passionate about many things, him included. He tells her that he is quitting Mode (yay) so they could still be passionate about each other and he can find another outside interest.

Well what did you think?
I really liked Amanda. She needs more story time like she had in season 1.
I was super surprised at Matt quitting.
I liked the part where Hilda talked about going through Betty’s diary. Especially how what Betty &Henry did was hot!
So, when do we see Tyler again? You know we will.
I miss Justin’s story line.
Give me your thoughts

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