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90210 – Recap & Review – Project Runaway

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Project Runaway

Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2011

Dennis – TwoCents Reviewer

After last week’s crazy Thanksgiving episode, we get an episode tonight with less over the top hijinks and more character based drama. Yes, there was a catfight and Janice Dickinson randomly showed up but tonight’s show seemed a little quieter than recent installments. It was also pretty boring.

We also saw one of the cast members say goodbye. So what soapy antics did the 90210ers get into this week? Read on for tonight’s character breakdown.

Teddy – So tonight was Teddy’s last episode. While the coming out story in Season 3 was good, I think they could have done a lot more with Teddy and I’m sad to see him leave. We begin his story tonight at Liam’s bar, where he meets up with Silver…for closure. Teddy says he got a job as a tennis coach in London & is leaving soon. Later that day, Teddy also runs into his ex, Shane. Shane’s also leaving to go work at a gay right’s nonprofit in D.C. and the two don’t exactly leave on good terms. Teddy basically spent the whole episode complaining about his private life being scrutinized by everyone and Ivy tells him he has so much good fortune in his life he shouldn’t let this effect him. She also tells him that he should make up with Silver at the fashion show that CU’s throwing. Teddy shows up and apologizes to Silver with a flower in tow. At the end of the episode, Teddy says his goodbyes to everyone at Naomi’s house. While driving with Silver, Teddy calls his grandfather and essentially says that he doesn’t apologize for being gay and if his family doesn’t approve he doesn’t need them. Silver drops Teddy off at Shane’s, and then Teddy & Shane drive into parts unknown (probably the airport).

Naomi – After Naomi tells Silver, Ivy, & Annie to get over their boy issues, she tells them that she got into a special fashion design class. The campus is having a fashion design contest/runway show that’s going to be judged by none other than Janice Dickinson, the world’s first supermodel. Also Naomi is shocked to see that her nemesis Holly is also going to be a designer at the fashion show. Naomi sees that the stage is simply not to her standards so she anonymously donates money so the show looks better. Liam was asked to be a model at the fashion show and he thought Naomi hired him through his agency, but it turns out Holly hired him so he’ll be wearing Holly’s designs. Since Naomi was busy planning the event, Holly decided to steal another thing of Naomi’s: her designs. Stressed for time Naomi decides to make her outfits different from Holly’s by making them “avant-garde”, i.e. tearing them up and putting feathers on them. After the show, Naomi & Holly physically fight each other, only for it to be broken up by Janice. Janice insults their designs and says they should “stick to catfights and stay off the catwalk”. Later, a woman named Rachel Grey tells Naomi she might have a future as a party planner and asks her if she wants to intern for her. The next day, Naomi & Holly call a ceasefire and we find out that Holly’s mother is Rachel Grey.

Dixon – The episode opened with Dixon & Adrianna in bed together & Dixon saying his mind is clear for the first time in months. A random guy named JD then bursts through the door & into Dixon’s bed. JD was Dixon’s roommate in rehab. Back at the bar, JD talks about getting back to making music but Dixon thinks it’s too soon for him to be working. Also fresh-out-of-rehab JD says he doesn’t plan on staying sober. JD then says he has tickets to a concert and asks Dixon to come with him. Adrianna doesn’t think it’s a smart idea for Dixon to be around alcohol and drugs but Dixon says he has to learn to deal with them being around. After JD & Dixon hang out with the band backstage, JD offers Dixon some coke. Dixon then watches the video of Adrianna performing from a couple weeks ago and gives the coke back to JD.

Annie – Annie meets up with Jeremy at the gym. For those who don’t remember, Jeremy is Marla’s grandson. Marla was the woman Annie took care of last season. Annie tells him she wants half of the inheritance that Marla left her or she’ll fight with him in court for years. He says he’ll think about it. Annie goes to her lawyer’s office and they say she has a good case but they need her necklace that Marla left her for appraisal. Annie says she sold it for tuition money so she spends the rest of the episode tracking it down. She gets the jeweler she sold it to on the phone and they say they sold it, so she goes to the store in person. Annie tries to tell the jeweler that the necklace was her grandmothers but the woman doesn’t buy it and says she heard the same story from the man who bought it. Annie puts two and two together and realizes Jeremy has the necklace.

Navid – Navid tells Kat, the cop helping him with his case against his uncle, that he heard his uncle talking about a major shipment of cars coming in. He wants to help with the takedown but Kat tells him to be patient. Meanwhile, Silver tells Navid that she met someone new and they’re done. Navid thinks Silver is bluffing but Ivy tells him she brought a new guy to Thanksgiving. At the fashion show, Navid sees Silver with another guy but it turns out to be her gay friend Ronnie. Silver then tells him that she saw him making out with Kat in Vegas. Navid then shows up at the police station to tell Kat that the car ring has to end and that Silver thinks they’re a couple.

Liam – Liam is still working whatever job his agent, Sheila, throws at him including being a vampire at a client’s daughter’s birthday party. That scene also dropped a Vampire Diaries reference that I just had to mention here since it’s one of my favorite shows. Anyways, Liam also got a job working at the fashion show. Once Liam found out he would be working for Holly instead of Naomi, he decides to make a fool of himself on the runway to embarrass Holly and stick up for Naomi.

I’m sad about Teddy leaving and I’m also still sad about the state of the show. I’ve given up hope about the show ever being somewhat good again. If the show gets renewed next season they should do another change of house and get better writers. So what did you guys think of the episode or the show in general? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: O Holly Night

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