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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Wake Up

Wake Up

Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

This week Mon-El returns, J’onn’s dad explores the outside world, and Sam discovers her origins.

Let’s first get the J’onzz storyline out of the way. At the DEO, ( M’rynn needs to find the bathroom because it’s been three weeks since he’s been there and he hasn’t found it. What? Luckily Winn directs him where to go. Seeing this, Winn asks J’onn to take his father out of the offices and into the world. It takes some more convincing, but eventually father and son venture into the world where M’yrnn discovers coffee (kuh-OFF-fee) and learns that his son is very much beholden to his job. J’onn eventually comes around and gets and apartment for himself and his dad saying work made him feel useful after he lost everything on Mars. But things have changed, so it’s happy to see the two happy again.

For Sam, she begins to test her abilities by sticking her hand in a pot of boiling water. She then sends Ruby to her friend’s house for dinner so Sam can visit her adoptive mother Patricia (Betty Buckley). There we learn that Sam was kicked out as a teen for becoming pregnant. Sam then asks Patricia if she noticed anything about her growing up an then tells her directly about what’s been happening with the bullet and not feeling it. Then Patricia shows Sam the space pod she found her in that’s been hiding in the barn. Yup, Sam wasn’t adopted, she was found by Patricia a la Superman. Patricia intended to always tell Sam, but she left before she turned 18 and was never given the chance.

Sam turns on her pod and takes out an obelisk like object. With that, Sam tells Ruby she’s leaving on a quest for something good and promises to tell her about it when she’s back. Sam follows the obelisk and first her car stalls, but she goes out on foot to the middle of the desert when things start rising from out of the ground into an interesting cross-cross design.

Underground Sam finds a lot of interesting stuff and after putting the obelisk in a hole and activating it, the woman from her visages appears. She says she has all the answers and tells Sam she’s in the “Fortress of Sanctuary,”a part of her dead planet Krypton.Sam says she always knew she was different and says she’s like Supergirl, but woman says she’s so much more than that.
She’s the culmination of years of work and her purposes is to execute justice. She will be called a “Worldkiller” and “Your justice will burn the world of man…” Sam’s not happy and insists she’s a good person and woman adds that Ruby was an unfortunate error that delayed Sam’s powers manifesting, but that soon enough Ruby will be forgotten. So with that, Sam starts to scream as something happens to her. She falls to the ground, but it passes and she rises with glowing red eyes and it seems’ “Reign” is officially here (I have awaken).

Elsewhere in the episode, a city sub was attacked when exploring under water post submarine attack in the premiere episode. Winn and team figures out that there’s a ship that’s been there 12,000 years and made of a metal unknown. Kara, J’onn, and Winn go to check it out, but J’onn stops Kara from doing a “Clark” and is able to phase them through all the layers to the Earth. Way more efficient and less time exhausting. When they are down there, they are almost attacked by a man. That man? Mon-El!!!

They bring Mon-El back to the DEO to be checked out, but have more questions than answers he will give and he’s giving off that really “distant” vibe. Later Mon-El sneaks into the weapons part of the DEO and knocks out two guards, but ends up being knocked out my Kara. Later he’s locked up in a holding cell and Kara’s confused about what’s happened to him. Then Winn talks to Mon-El and they end up back on the space ship with the other hypersleep pods. It’s Kara who finds them and she’s pissed. An altercation with Mon-El leads him to show that he’s still wearing Kara’s mother’s necklace. Kara wonders how he could have changed so much in seven months and Mon-El replies it’s actually been seven years for him.

Mon-El then fills in the gaps. His pod went into a wormhole into the future to the 31st century to be exact. In that time L-Corp developed a cure for the Daxamite lead allergy, which explains how he’s OK on Earth. Then things are not looking good for the pods. Mon-El wants to break into one pod to save someone who is “drowning.” But since he can’t break white dwarf glass, Kara does it. A woman falls out and she seems OK. We later learn when she’s awake that her name is Irma Ardeen (Amy Jackson) and she’s Mon-El’s wife! Uh oh. Poor Kara. Before this, there is a cute Kara/Mon-El moment reminiscent of old times.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below! And get ready for next week’s episode that begins the big Arrowverse crossover event!

Next week: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1

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