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Accidentally On Purpose – Recap & Review – Memento

photo: cbs
photo: cbs

Accidentally On Purpose

Original Air Date: Sept 28 2009

Brittany D. – Staff Writer

I fear that our show may not last long. I say this because the ratings where so low last week that they touched the ground, but again I say the pilot episodes are never that great. Wonder if the second episode was any better…

Billie realizes she knows absolutely nothing about Zach, so after saying to his face that she respects his privacy, she rifles through his things. All she finds is a pizza box with a picture of her from the night they met, a few parking tickets, and a letter inside. The letter starts ‘Dear Billie, this is hard to say but-‘ before it cuts off. Billie, Abby and Olivia decide to go to the bar where this all started. The bartender says that Zach and his friends seemed to be celebrating something, and were playing a game they made up called bar stool roulette. When it was Zach’s turn, he just happened to land on Billie, taking the picture minutes before they actually met.

Logically, the girls then go to the apartment Zach used to share with Davis to ask what they’d been celebrating. In a flashback, Zach tells his friends that having sex with a woman over thirty was totally awesome because she knew what she was doing and guided his hands places he didn’t even know women had. T.M.I., Zach. Anyway, the story ends with Davis saying it was a celebration for Zach finally turning in his application…somewhere. He ends the story after figuring out that the ladies are seeking info.

Showing up at Billie’s place, Davis tells Zach that Billie knows about the application (even though she doesn’t?) and says she must have gone through his stuff. James, (the ex who still has no right to be a douchebag) shows up at the apartment right about that time. He takes the opportunity to scare Zach by telling him that raising a baby is going to be extremely expensive. Point taken, Zach bolts but not before going to the OBGYN, telling him he’s leaving town to go to culinary school (that’s what the application was about), and leaving his medical history. Before he goes, the doctor gives him an ultrasound picture.

When Billie shows up to her appointment, the doc tells her what happened, but assures her that he’ll be there for her the entire way, unless the baby happens to come during the Kentucky Derby, then he’s out. Back home, Billie tells Olivia and Abby the bad news about Zach leaving for culinary school. But then, wouldn’t you know it, Zach is back, and he tells Billie in private that he was just scared that he’d disappoint her or the baby. They agree to take one scary thing at a time, he gives up his dream of culinary school, and she promises to stay out of his room. Zach then reveals that he cheated at bar stool roulette and purposely took Billie’s picture.

Later, she does the math on her due date and realizes she could be due around the Kentucky Derby. When she tries to tell Zach, she can’t find him and has a moment where she freaks out, but it turns out he’s only brushing his teeth.

That last sentence was a fragment, but can you forgive me please? It’s the second episode and I still don’t feel much better about it. I think the episode was less uneven for sure, but I still really loathe the character of Abby, Billie’s sister. And Olivia could be funny if her voice wasn’t so annoying and shriek-like. So what do you think? Better or worse than last week? I’m going to go with better, and give it a solid C+ for its efforts. If you had to grade the episode, what would you give it? Leave me your Two Cents in the comments!

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