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Agent Carter – Recap & Review – Better Angels

photo: abc
photo: abc
Agent Carter
Better Angels

Original Air Date: Jan 26, 2016

Jules – Managing Editor

I’m excited that Agent Carter has returned! Last week in the season two premiere we saw Peggy sent to the west coast on Thompson’s orders to help the LA SSR. There she was reunited with now Chief Sousa (who has a new lady love) to solve a case of a woman’s body in a frozen lake during a heat wave. All leads to Isodyne where we meet scientist Jason Wilkes and a cover up by Isodyne owner Calvin Chadwick and his wife Whitney Frost.

We also see the origin of zero matter which Wilkes actually steals but then disappears, while Whitney ends up absorbing it. We also see Dottie Underwood captured by the SSR only to be taken into custody by the FBI.

Peggy and Sousa go to Wilkes’ home to find any information they can as Peggy suspects a tie with Dottie due to a similar tie pin she found at the scene. What they find instead is easily planted information that looks like Wilkes is a Russian spy, but the agents don’t buy it and believe Isodyne is framing him, while the police and media eat it up. We later learn that indeed Chadwick helped with the cover up.

Peggy and Jarvis go see Howard Stark on set of his latest movie adventure. She shows Stark the zero matter video and he’s intrigued. We also learn the pin is for the Arena Club, an influential and powerful social club that Peggy wants to infiltrate with Stark’s help.

Meanwhile, Thompson arrives in LA and makes some changes to Peggy’s incident report with Wilkes to close the case much to the displeasure of Peggy and Sousa. Also floating objects on Peggy’s desk!

Stark and Jarvis visit the Arena Club where Stark invites his “production assistants” (just beautiful women) into the club despite the club being a men’s only club. This allows Peggy to get in to bug the place. Peggy finds the secret room where Chadwick and the rest of the Council of Nine meet. There she sees future news headlines and realizes the men are making the news happen. Peggy’s almost caught, but between her and later Jarvis’ smart thinking, they get out of it and the club.

Their adventure gets Thompson mad, especially since they have no evidence with the bugs destroyed. Peggy again stands up for herself in front of Thompson calling him out for helping bury the truth. Thompson’s being pushed by his mentor who’s now at the FBI. Luckily, Sousa believes Peggy and even more when they see floating objects around her.

Peggy’s worried it’s zero matter, but Stark experiments around her and it’s not. It’s something else, so Stark and concocts some liquid matter to spray into the empty space and what we end up seeing is Wilkes. He’s not dead! He’s also not real or whole here as his body is stuck somewhere else, but he’s visible and can talk. He tells the team how Whitney was at Isodyne that evening for the zero matter, too until he disappears again. Happy Sousa was there to see all this.

Peggy goes to see Whitney and asks her about Isodyne, but she gets nothing. Whitney later convinces Calvin that he needs to get rid of Peggy because she may expose them. This leads to an attack on Peggy during an evening workout at home. Peggy survives, but the killer escapes.

By now Thompson ends up watching the video of the zero matter and lies about having it. He later turns over the video to his mentor but says he didn’t watch it. Thompson also wants Peggy go to back to New York, but of course she stays. Thompson meanwhile is invited to the Arena Club where he sees the newspaper headline that Peggy spoke of and is stunned. What will he do now?

The SSR then learn that Whitney is just a stage name for Agnes Cully, the brain child that got Isodyne on the map. This all makes sense to Whitney pulling the strings and why she would want the zero matter. Why her transition into acting, another male dominated world, is another story I hope we learn this season.

Meanwhile a reinvigorated Stark is able to get Wilkes back for now and soon leaves for Peru to get the best advice on how to get Wilkes back from wherever he is.

By the end of the episode Whitney’s director comes to tell her how he stood by his girl when the studio wanted to recast her. But when he gets a little too handsy, Whitney touches him, he gets zero matter all inside him and is eventually absorbed into her hand. Woah! What just happened?

Well what did you think of the third episode? Did you catch the easter egg – Stark’s movie being about a historical Marvel character Kit Colt? Loved Peggy’s reaction of “A movie based on a comic book? Sounds like a dreadful idea!” A great third episode and can’t wait for more. Share your TwoCents below.

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