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American Idol — Recap & Review — Final Elimination, Part 2

photo: fox
American Idol
Final Elimination, Part 2

Original Air Date: Feb. 17, 2010

Patricia Morris Buckley — Staff Writer

Finally the Top 24 have been chosen.

See below for the list. And below that, a few thoughts about this tearful, emotional episode.


Janell Wheeler
Lacey Brown
Ashley Rodriguez
Crystal Bowersox
Katie Stevens
Lilly Scott
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus
Michelle Delamor
Haeley Vaughn
Didi Benami
Katelyn Epperly


Andrew Garcia
Tim Urban
Michael Lynche
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Lee Dewyze
Todrick Hall
Tyler Grady
Alex Lambert
Joe Munoz
Jermaine Sellers
John Park


—Thank you producers for NOT showing us all 22 rejections (just three completely and a few others in a montage). This episode had enough tears, and how nice that they were happy tears.

—Did Kara really have to practically get in Angela Martin’s lap to tell her that she didn’t make the Top 24 for the third year in a row? Creepy.

—Poor Thaddeus Johnson, the 17 year old with a killer voice. The judges told him he hadn’t done anything wrong and he was very close. With Michael “Big Mike” Lynche disqualified, will Thaddeus get a second chance after all?

—The judges said over and over that the women are the strongest yet. After two male winners, could it be that we’re destined for a female Idol this year?

—Pitting Thaddeus and Andrew Garcia against each other (one spot left!) is not really a nail biter. If there is any real frontrunner so far it’s Garcia, who has shown he can mix a song up and perform it with a power and grace.

—Did I miss Tim Urban being told the news? He’s the only one I don’t remember sitting in the Seat of Judgment.

—Up first, the women. Finally…

Do you think they picked the right 24? Is there someone you think should have made it? Give us your Two Cents…

**Edited to add: A statement from FOX said Urban replaced Golightly because Golightly was “ineligible to continue in the competition.” No further explanation was provided.

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