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American Idol — Recap & Review — Top 10 Women

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American Idol
Top 10 Women

Original Air Date: March 3, 2010

Patricia Morris Buckley — Staff Writer

Finally, someone stepped up to the plate and sorry guys — it was the girls. Only a few pitch problems, lots of heart and some fun songs.

And after the threat that Crystal Bowersox, who had been in the hospital with complications from diabetes, wouldn’t perform and therefore would be eliminated — there she was, turning in one of the best performances of the evening.

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX: Long as I Can See the Light
Interesting fact: She has a twin brother
She plays the guitar and gives this song just a touch of a gospel twist. She has such a clear, pretty voice I could listen to her all night.

Randy likes her truthfulness and that she isn’t trying to be someone else. Ellen praised her pure, raw talent and asked her to stay healthy because “we need you.” Kara thought the song was a perfect choice and liked her effortless performance. Simon said, “I completely mis–underestimated you last week. It was like the moment we realized with Kelly Clarkson we had a serious artist here.”

Interesting Fact: She makes her own headbands and hair accessories.
She is basically in tune, but not changing it up. While she’s trying to sound younger, she doesn’t even come close to Miley Cyrus’ version.

Randy said it was excruciating, pitchy and didn’t feel a connection to the song. Ellen didn’t feel the connection either. Kara compared her to Alex Lambert in that people like her but said she needed a year to strengthen her instrument. Simon called it a complete and utter mess — an irony since the song is about a climb and she fell off.

Interesting fact: She refurbishes antique furniture.
This is a song that Kara suggested and she had real pitch problems, but does a good swing.

Randy liked the song choice but regrets she didn’t do anything special with it. Ellen thought she was adorable. Kara thought this week Lacey brought back her tone but now she has to step it up. Simon said it was marginally better than last week, but she’s not showing who she is as an artist.

KATIE STEVENS: Girl, Put Your Records On
Interesting Fact: She can say “Give me a kiss” is six languages
Her video package is adorable with a capital “A.” She’s a good performer with nice tone.

Randy liked it when she went into her upper register and advised her to pick songs in her sweet spot. Ellen applauded her voice but wants to hear her sing younger songs, not what she hears in her doctor’s office. Kara is frustrated with her and saw potential at the end of the song when she opened up. Simon is also frustrated because he wants to know what type of recording artist she would be. “This wasn’t a winning performance,” he added.

Interesting Fact: Was the mascot in middle school.
She changes phrasing and definitely mixes it up. She has great stage presence, but is screechy in parts.

Randy said that soul isn’t for her because it shows her imperfections. Ellen loves her voice but didn’t like the song choice. Kara said it wasn’t good and she needs consistency. Simon blamed the song and added that it was a wasted opportunity. I felt the judges were too hard on her.

Interesting Fact: She directs a children’s choir.
Didn’t like the Cyndi Lauper attire complete with gloves. She had many wobbly notes and a thin voice.

Randy noted the pitch problems and the hot outfit but felt she didn’t do enough with the song. Ellen thought she looked fabulous but did do a lot with the song to the point she forgot it was a rock song. Kara said it was her favorite performance of Michelle’s ever despite the pitch problems. Simon agreed with Kara because Michelle listened and took a risk, getting 80 percent of it right.

LILLY SCOTT: A Change is Gonna Come
Interesting Fact: Plays a lot of different instruments.
Plays 12-string guitar and really makes the song her own. What a fun voice!

Randy loved her unique quality and said it was his favorite of the night. Ellen forgot it was a singing competition and said she was, by far, the best of the night. Kara said she had her first moment in the show and she was riveted. Simon thought it was good but wasn’t crazy for it.

Interesting Fact: She studied to be a recording engineer.
Sitting at the white piano in a white dress, she sang nicely, but it was slow and she occasionally slid into the notes.

Randy liked it and her playing the piano, but it was off pitch in the end. Ellen said she fell asleep as it was way too slow. Kara loved her, yet encouraged her to figure out who she really is as an artist. Simon said it was a smart song choice, though he thinks she’s corny when she performs — still, it will put her back in the game.

PAIGE MILLER: Walk Away (by Kara)
Interesting Fact: She likes to do coloring books before performing.
She has an amazing voice and gives the song a sassy flavor.

Randy liked, but didn’t love it and thought it wasn’t the best song choice because it didn’t show off her voice. Ellen loved it and her energy. Kara could see her having a hit with it but felt she should have showed a little anger, which Kara had in mind when she wrote the song. Simon said she’s failed to pick the right song two weeks in a row and this was forgettable.

Interesting Fact: She once had a Mohawk.
How do you go from a Mohawk to a ‘60s bouffant and air hostess dress? She’s screechy on top, but hits one super killer note.
Randy called her the dope for slaying the song. Ellen noted that most people would say not to take on such a big song, but they said the same thing about a blanket and sleeves and we got the snuggie. Kara couldn’t get over that note. Simon said that parts of the song were terrible, but that note was wonderful. He called her interesting and very talented.

Highlights: Crystal Bowersox, Lilly Scott and Siobhan Vaughn.
In Real Danger: Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown.

Who did you love the most? Hate the most? What two should be eliminated? Give us your Two Cents…

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