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American Idol – Recap & Review – Top 3

photo: fox
photo: fox
American Idol
Top 3

Original Air Date: May 14, 2014

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

We’re down to the Final 3, which means next week we will have a new Idol wearing the crown. But this is the week of hometown visits, judges’ picks and the return of the Top 10. But we also got a thrashed voice, judges who gave little or no critiques and Randy patting himself on the back for his song choices.

Here’s how they did.

ROUND ONE: Randy’s Picks

CALEB: Never Tear Us Apart
He was under doctor’s orders to not speak, only sing because of a slightly torn vocal muscle. He sounded pretty good and perhaps the injury kept him from screeching.
Keith liked the blues soul feel to his voice and how he worked through it. JLo thought that on his worst night, he’s better than people on their best night. Harry didn’t want him to hurt himself.

ALEX: Pompeii
He certainly gave it his own feel and it’s refreshing. This may be the first time a finalist played drums. Plus, he stepped downstage, excellent.
JLo said it was an elevated Alex. Harry liked the young hip song, but he could see the wheels turning. Keith thought there were so many shaky bits because he did so much, yet he thought he was strongest at the drum when he was into the song and not thinking.

JENA: Titanium
She enters al a Wicked (large skirt and high in the air). It’s a nice choice for her, but she screeched at the high notes.
Harry thought it was in her alley, and he loved how she was becoming more and more comfortable on stage. Keith said she balances singing and performing, but she also mixes in the fun. JLo felt it was a difficult song and she was shaky and never loosened up.

ROUND TWO: Judges’ Picks

CALEB: Demons
A first – he was really off-key. Too bad, I liked the arrangement and any other time he’d kill it. I felt bad for him.
Keith was feeling for him, but felt he killed the song. JLo felt he relied on other things, such as emotions and words. Harry just asked what kind of albums he’d make (originals songs with old tune vibes).

ALEX: Stay
What a perfect song for him. He did an Amazing job with his own version. On my way to iTunes now!
JLo loved it. Harry thought it was beautiful. Keith thought he owned the song.

JENA: Heart Attack
Very well done. A few screeches, but overall fine.
Harry felt she always finds places to put herself in the song, but felt the first note should have the same energy as the last. Keith said her range never ends. JLo said this performance felt loose and in control as compared to her last song.

ROUND THREE: Hometown Picks (from songs they’ve already performed)

CALEB: Dazed and Confused
Even with no voice, he rocked it (although, I wonder if he had any left after the song!).
Keith called it insane, like a moment of miraculous healing. JLo labeled it a “true Idol moment.” Harry thought it was awesome and said “it was absolutely fantastic.”

ALEX: The Story of My Life
Not quite a good as Stay. He didn’t change up much.
JLo said it was great. Harry called it a classic Alex performance. Keith thought it was hard to follow Stay, but his average is strong.

JENA: Creep
This was her best performance when she performed it before. She does even better this time, singing slower and playing piano.
Harry said it was better than the first time and a great way to end the show. Keith thought her progress from the beginning until here has been mindboggling. JLo said it was brilliant and she will be hard to beat.

I think Alex is in trouble. If he had ended with Stay, I think he would have a final chance. But the sympathy for Caleb’s throat and the amazing performances he has given should easily get him in the finale. And Jena is a huge fan favorite and ended the show beautifully. Plus Idol loves a male/female showdown at the end.

I’ve loved Alex from his audition, but even then I knew he couldn’t win. I’m just happy that he’s made it so far and I’ve downloaded several of his songs.

Who do you think will make the finale? Are you excited about seeing the Top 10 return and perform with stars? Have you placed a bet on who will win? Give us your TwoCents…

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