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American Idol – Recap & Review – Top 30 Part II

photo: fox
photo: fox
American Idol
Top 30 Part II

Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2014

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait long to hear about the showdown between CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher for a spot in the Top 30. These two country singers, who had become good friends, had been brought into the decision room together and told only one of them would make it.

But the judges lied and sent them both through. I agreed with Casey who said, “I am so tired of youse guys tricks, man.” Well said, Casey, well said.

Here’s a look at who else made the live shows.

Casey Thrasher, CJ Harris, Caleb Johnson (a rocker who was cut at this point in S11), Ethan Harris (a pretty boy with a high voice), and Briston Maroney – 15 with very stylized voice

Marrialle Sellars, Jena Ascuitto (people keep pronouncing her name Jena, but it’s really Gina (go figure!)), Majesty Rose York (a favorite in my house), cute blonde Brandy Neelly, Briana Oakley, Kenzie Hall (she biffed last performance, but they liked her overall), and Austin Wolfe.

Getting a no was Sarina Joi Crowe, David Oliver Willis, Savion Wright and Sandie Lee.
In a twist, Ben Briley and Neco Starr were told they tied for the last men’s spot, so the judges are letting America decide. The vote winner moves on next week.

I’d love to know what happened to CJ Jones, my favorite from the Omaha auditions (he danced with Harry and sang “Stand by Me”).

Next week, the live shows. Are you excited about getting to vote? Are you planning to vote in the run off between Neco and Ben? Would you have mad the same choices the judges did? Give us your TwoCents…

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