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American Idol – Recap & Review – Top 4 Results

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American Idol
Top 4 Results

Original Air Date: May 12, 2010

Patricia Morris Buckley – Staff Writer

As there are fewer and fewer contestants, it gets harder and harder to say goodbye to the remaining singers. Now, with only four left, it’s beyond tough, even in a season that’s as lackluster as this one.

And this cut is the deepest because the top 3 get to return to their hometowns for parades, mayoral proclamations and cheering crowds. The contestant who comes in fourth doesn’t even get a lovely parting gift.

Ryan divulges that almost 37 million votes came in Tuesday night, the most so far this season. Still, the first contestant sent back to safety (and the families who are onstage) is Casey James. Thousands of bet makers are cursing, as it looked fairly certain that Casey would be exiting since many thought he would go home last week. Turns out he IS going home — but for his parade.

S3 winner Fantasia came back to debut “Bittersweet,” the first single off her new album. It’s a fun tune, but lacks a solid hook. And it does look like someone painted her black pants on.

Then we get to see the latest Ford commercial, which seems to have run dry on creativity. The contestants do Chinese fire drills in various countries to “Put a Message in the Box.” Cute but not memorable in the least.

Next we find out that Lee is safe. No real surprise there. However, it is surprising that we’re left with Crystal and Mike. But Ryan doesn’t call them the Bottom 2, so maybe it’s random. Let’s hope so for Crystal’s sake (although for one moment there, I wondered if the Big C was going home).

The best performance of the night comes from the man who finished fourth in S5. His “September” had a hook and while it felt a little sleepy, it was enjoyable. Bon Jovi followed with “Superman Tonight,” a mild rock song that is sure to please the group’s fanbase.

Then the news came that Big Mike would be leaving the show. He did well for someone who got the Judges’ Save five weeks ago. Not sure we really needed to hear the song from “Free Willy” again — he had so many better performances. And his little girl and wife joined him on the stage. But his wife and Crystal were weeping, although I think Crystal’s tear were more of relief.

Who did you think would be going home? Are you glad Casey is still in the game? Are we headed for a Lee-Crystal showdown? Give us your TwoCents…

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