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American Idol — Recap & Review — Top 9 Results

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American Idol
Top 9 Results

Original Air Date: Apr 7, 2011

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Ryan told us that tonight’s result “might be shocking.” Why did he bother adding the word “may?” It was shocking. Period.

Seriously, I thought that Jacob would be going home for sure after he said that he wouldn’t be eliminated because he sang the song wrong, but because people couldn’t look themselves in the mirror — coupled with the fact he went first. My daughter even pointed out that he was in a completely different color palette than the rest of the contestants tonight.

But he made it through safely.

The evening felt like more filler than usual. Constantine returned with a strange version of “Unchained Melody,” Russell Brand gave the Top 9 performance advice (wait, he had a movie coming out this week? What a coincidence!) and Iggy Pop sang topless, forgot lyrics to his biggest hit (“Wild Child”) and had to be bleeped!

Oh, and the contestants performed a really tame rock medley. The biggest filler of all had to be the contestants meeting with TMZ to learn about media control, which felt more like a comedy routine with few laughs, poking fun at each contestant’s foibles. Gee, I never get tired of that footage of Lauren falling down the stairs. Getting advice from these guys seemed ironic as TMZ has dug up enough dirt on contestants over the years to fill the Idol stage several times over.

I do admit I liked the Ford Music Video this week, with them all pretending to be spies on a heist. Clever.

Stefano, Pia and Jacob made up the Bottom 3. So it looked as if my prediction would come true, unless Stefano’s past performances had alienated people even when he did well. It couldn’t be Pia. I figured she had Top 3 written all over her (especially with the sexy outfit she wore tonight).

But it was Pia getting the boot (Stefano never seemed to get over the shock). Seriously? I know she has trouble connecting with the audience, but she has an amazing vice. This is when the Judges’ Save would have come in handy. Hopefully, someone will sign her up almost immediately. The rest of the contestants seemed to take it hard.

Did you think Pia would be eliminated so soon? Who would you have eliminated instead? Would you take performance advice from Russell Brand? Give us your TwoCents…

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