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America’s Next Top Model – Recap & Review – All-Stars Finale

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America’s Next Top Model
All-Stars Finale

Original Air Date: November 7, 2011

Anne – Associate Editor

Who will it be? Allison? Lisa? Angelea? We’ve finally reached the Top Model All-Stars finale. It’s an action packed hour that ends with a panel that you have to see to believe. I’m still rooting for Allison, but will be happy if Lisa wins as well. I just don’t want Angelea to win. At all. Not even a little bit. Does anyone want her to win? They all celebrate being the final three and each tell us why they deserve to win the most.

Lisa has a charity for abused children? Did you know this? That is really awesome! She’s a lot more deserving than I thought she was. This should be an interesting showdown.

Tyra Mail!Efkola, Anctra, Omorfo! Fierce & Love, Tyra

Easy, breezy, beautiful in Greek, y’all! It’s time for the Covergirl print ad and commercial shoot. They have to shoot everything in front of the Covergirl exec. They all do a pretty good job, but once again, Allison has problems with the light in her eyes. That’s going to be her undoing. Her eyes are her best feature and if she can’t model with them open, that’s a major issue. She does a much better job with the commercial though. I have to admit, Lisa really is gorgeous. The more I like someone on the inside, the more beautiful they are on that outside. Angelea does a pretty good job on her commercial and print ad shoot, too. None of them really stunk up the place.

Tyra Mail!Ciao Bella! Get ready for a beach day! Fierce & Love, Tyra

Now it’s time for their shoot for Vogue Italia. It’s a beach and water shoot! These are the shoots that I love. Anything that has to do with water. They all do a great job, but I think Allison looked the best.

Tyra Mail!A true Goddess can rise above the competition… Fierce & Love, Tyra

Final runway, baby! They will be going down into water, then arise triumphant and fly on to the runway, where they will walk to their “Pot Ledom” songs. Remember those? They will be joined by Laura, Shannon, Dominique and other local models. They get their dresses from Michael Cinco and they all look gorgeous! Love all of them, but of course, I think Allison’s is the best. Angelea is worried about the water portion of the runway because she can’t swim. She always finds something to be worried about.

The show really is very cool! Lisa messes up the swimming pretty badly, but overall, they all do a great job! Lisa comments after the show that Angelea is feeling rundown and sick. That’s all that is said about the matter as we get to the final panel. Tyra announces that they are back in LA for a special panel because they received some information from Angelea that disqualified her from the competition. What?!? Not that I’m really upset, but I feel cheated. They go on with the usual panel and while the judges were impressed with both girls, Lisa is chosen as the winner.

The whole last ten minutes just felt very disjointed. There are lots of theories out there. One is that the reason they had to completely redo panel is that Angelea actually won initially. I’m not sure I buy that. Other theories are that she was pregnant or that she leaked information. Nobody knows for sure, but it really affected the feeling of the outcome. Lisa didn’t seem as happy as she should have been. There was just something missing.

What did you think? Do you feel cheated too? I’m happy that Lisa won, she really did deserve it. By the way, if you’re interested in their songs, you can now purchase a soundtrack at Please leave your own TwoCents below and let me know what you’re feeling. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next cycle!!

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