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America’s Next Top Model – Recap & Review – Francesco Carrozzini

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America’s Next Top Model
Francesco Carrozzini

Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2010

Anne – Associate Editor

Ding dong, Kacey’s gone! And everyone’s all excited. Welcome to another week of diva-licious Top Model!

This week we have another pairs challenge, Grammy girls and a fashion designer photo shoot. Read on for more!

All the girls are ecstatic that Kacey went home. They waste no time and celebrate in the car on the way home.

Esther is featured, which is bad luck for later. She explains that she’s an Orthodox Jew and is having to pay extra attention to remaining Kosher. I’m proud of her for continuing to honor her religion. It shows character, even though she’s not been one of my favorites.

Tyra Mail – “Sometimes you have to perform a duet before you get your big solo. Love, Tyra.”

They are taken to the Grammy museum. Jay tells them that they will be split into pairs. Each pair will have to choose an outfit worthy of a Grammy girl for their partner. Jay will choose the winning team and then Neil Portnow, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences chairman, will choose the ultimate winner. She will be onstage as a Grammy girl next February at the Grammys!

Here are the pairs:
Liz & Kayla, Ann & Chelsey, Chris & Kendal and Esther & Jane

Ann gets Chelsey a dress that’s four sizes too big and Chelsey can’t even figure out how to put it on. Then Neil tells Ann she’s too tall. They are both frustrated. Liz & Kayla handily win and Kayla is chosen as the winner! You go girl!!

Upset that she lost out, Liz goes home and gets incredibly drunk. She’s being her diva self again and playing the victim. I think she needs to go. I just don’t see it.

Tyra Mail – “Sometimes being labeled is a good thing. Love, Tyra.”

The girls will be posing as fashion designers. They will be photographed with another female model wearing that designer’s clothing. The photographer and guest judge is Francesco Carrozzini.

Here are the girl’s assignments and how they did:
Kendal – Vera Wang – Doesn’t do too well. Jay says he feels she’s not passionate enough about modeling.
Liz – John Galliano – Good job, no diva!
Ann – Alexander Wang – Great job, Francesco says she knows how to give a photographer what they want!
Esther – Christophe Decarnin – Not so good. In danger still, I think.
Jane – Marc Jacobs – Does okay for playing a guy.
Kayla – Vivienne Westwood – Does a great job getting designer right!
Chelsey – Caroline Herrera – Good job.
Chris – Betsey Johnson – Does a great job, but she’s always jumping in every photo shoot.

Esther knows she didn’t do very well and is nervous. Kendal is scared too. Rightfully so for both!

At panel, the judges pretty much echo all the criticisms that I wrote above. Here is how the results came down:

My Favorites – Kayla, Chelsey (!), Ann & Chris
Judges Top Three – Liz, Kayla & Ann
Bottom Two – Esther and Kendal

Because the judges believe that Kendal is not ready yet, she gets eliminated. Tyra tells her she was born to model, but doesn’t yet have the skills. I agree. She needs more experience.

I can’t believe that Liz was the one to unseat Ann as best picture! Like I said, I just don’t see it. What did you guys think? Who do you want to win? Who’s your least favorite? Please leave your comments below or shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here in a week!

Next Week: Zac Posen

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