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America’s Next Top Model – Recap & Review – Kelly Osbourne

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ANTM: British Invasion
Kelly Osbourne

Original Air Date: February 29, 2012

Anne – Associate Editor

Welcome to a new cycle of Top Model! Is it just me or did this one just creep up on us? I didn’t even know it was coming until last week when I looked at the TV Guide. This cycle it’s all about America vs. Britain. There are seven models from each country all competing against each other for the title of America’s Next Top Model. I think it’s a little odd, I have to say. I also don’t think it’s fair that all of the Brits have already appeared on Britain’s Next Top Model. But I don’t write the rules, so…I’ll just sit back and enjoy the usual drama and fun.

For more info on the models, please check out the show’s webpage. Let’s start to get to know the girls now…



After the girls are told they are the finalists, they participate in a fierce parade and runway faceoff. The Brits plot to get rid of all the Americans and then fight amongst themselves for the title. They want to get to business, but all us Americans want to do is go skinny dipping in the pool. Great show of representing the American woman girls! Geez!

Tyra Mail!: Prepare to clash CULTURES! Fierce and Love, Tyra

Jay tells them they will each be paired with someone from the other team and each will represent someone iconic from their own culture. They will be jumping on mini-trampolines to catch a 3D image. Here are the pairings and who they played:

Catherine (Queen Elizabeth) vs. Azmarie (George Washington)
Candace (Janet Jackson) vs. Annaliese (Scary Spice)
Laura (Madonna) vs. Alisha (Elton John)
Seymone (Michelle Obama) vs. Sophie (Margaret Thatcher)
Kyle (Andy Warhol) vs. Louise (Amy Winehouse)
Mariah (Pocahontas) vs. Jasmia (John Lennon)
Eboni (Jackie Kennedy) vs. Ashley (Princess Diana)

Alisha wasn’t happy with her performance. Neither was Jay. The Americans are being extra catty, I’m actually kind of rooting for some of the Brits. Louise lacked a little energy. I have to say, I love Scottish accents. I love Ashley. Jay tells her to be a little more confident with herself. When they get back to their house, she calls her kids. They’re really cute and their accents are so dear.

At panel, Tyra introduces the judges. Herself and Nigel, of course. Then we have a new judge, Kelly Cutrone. Ugh, I really don’t like her. She can be really mean and cranky. We’ll see how she does here. This week’s guest judge is Kelly Osbourne. The prize, and read carefully, because I won’t repeat it every week like Tyra does, is a spread in Italian Vogue and their website, guest correspondent spot on Extra, single produced and released, face of Top Model perfume, modeling contract and $100K contract with Cover Girl. On to the photos…

My faves – Catherine, Seymone, Laura
My least faves – All of the rest were just meh.
Top 3 – Seymone, Kyle, and Sophie
Bottom 2 – Jasmia, Ashley (NO!!!)

Just a quick note, all the Americans were called first. Due to her lack of energy, Jasmia was eliminated and sent back over the pond. She just didn’t have what the judges were looking for this cycle. Did she have what you were looking for? Do you have any favorites yet? Ashley and Seymone are my only standouts so far. Please leave your TwoCents below and share your favorites and other thoughts with me! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!

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