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Archer – Recap & Review – Dial M For Mother

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Dial M for Mother

Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2010

Tom R. – Sr. Staff Writer

Thanks again, FX network. You took a big risk with Archer, the first animated show in the lineup. Animation aside, though, it is more memorable as the first consistently hilarious FX comedy since It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We’ll miss Sterling Archer and the ISIS staff, but we can’t wait to see what creator Adam Reed and the gang have in store for next season.

So…after Cyril’s infidelity, Lana gets Malory to issue a “no franternization” rule at ISIS. As Pam races the clock to get some action before the policy goes into effect, Lana finds out about Cyril’s other affairs with Cheyl, Scatterbrain Jane. As revenge, she vows to sleep with every ISIS employee. Pam runs to the front of the line, but Lana reveals the real plan…she charges the guys for the privilege of saying they slept with her, encouraging them to describe the act in lurid detail when they tell Cyril.

As Archer meets with Malory, Nikolai sends a transmission. Seeing Archer in the room, he refers to him as “Son”. Malory admits to her fling, but she tells Archer that his father might be Nikolai, Len Trexler of ODIN, or legendary drummer Buddy Rich. Nikolai comes up with an idea to plant a chip into Archer’s brain that will turn him into a double agent and bring him to the KGB for a DNA test. But the chip is faulty, and cell phone interference sends Archer on a mission to kill Malory. As he attempts the act, he is more interested in grilled cheese, until another bout with interference sends him after Malory again. She shoots him, and as he recovers from the wounds, the two bond, until the writers find a nice way to break the tender moment.

Loved the offscreen comments from Archer as Uta and Manny prepare to implant the chip. Nikolai’s assistant prancing around with a negligee was a nice touch, too. Although I was hoping for a drum solo somewhere along the way. And we’ll just have to assume that Woodhouse was off fetching a rug somewhere.

Other Highlights:

Archer: “You just destroyed my innocence!”
Malory: “Oh please…That Brazilian au pair did that when you were thirteen!”
Archer: “Twelve!”

KGB Officer (being beaten by Nikolai): “Ow! Ow! Hostile work environment!”

Cyril: “You slept with her too!”
Archer: “When I was bored!”

Archer: “Hey, seriously…Kidnappers? Super not in the mood for this right now!”

Pam: “36 guys? It’s like Schindler’s List up in here! And I’m like that little Gandhi dude…”

Gotta say, though…One thing I won’t miss is Cheryl’s choking fetish. I would say that was the one gag that outlived its laughs, although they do get one more laugh here from Krieger’s bad hearing. Kudos as well for Archer’s fictional father, John Fitzgerald “Black Jack” Archer.

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