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Army Wives – Recap & Review – Casualties

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Army Wives


Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2012

Will – Associate Staff Writer

Wow! What an episode this was! There was a couple of bombshells dropped that have me begging for the next episode already! This week, we get to see how the families of Fort Marshall are handling the deployment of their loved ones. We get to see Gloria who is still new to this whole Army thing and she is flustered throughout the whole episode.

We also get to see the return of Jackie. Don’t we all love her? Anyway, we also get to see juicy secret revealed about her in this episode that could ruin her husband’s chances at becoming the commander of Fort Marshall. We also get to see Roxy pushed into full gear because she is handling the kids and the duties that come along with being FRG leader. Gloria is very worried about Hector so she tries to text him but is worried he isn’t texting back. So she goes to Roxy wondering why Hector isn’t answering her and Roxy tells her that the men and women cannot communicate with loved ones while on a mission. I would think this is common sense so this made Gloria look really stupid but I would be worried about my loved one too.

Meanwhile, Roxy is responsible for giving out official information to her FRG members so she is taking constant phone calls asking about the status of their loved ones. Jackie is also back from Washington and you can tell she is very overwhelmed with her husband abruptly leaving and coming home to handle the information of this sudden deployment.

Anyway, Minji’s husband is injured in while in Arubu so he is transferred to Germany where he is expected to be okay but when Roxy goes to Minji’s house to help her get a ticket to Germany, she says that her and her husband are getting a divorce and that he did not want her coming to Germany to visit him. I feel really bad for Minji because ever since we saw her character, all we see is her being bullied by the other FRG members.

Roxy is determined to get Minji out of this rut, so she convinces Minji to come to the community center to make goody bags for the children in schools in Africa but when she comes, the other women bully her and leaves. Roxy happened to be gone for a few minutes but Gloria tells her what happened so Roxy goes to Minji’s house. When she gets there, she finds Minji’s car running in the garage.

Meanwhile, Jackie is having a hard time with dealing with all of this pressure so we see her taking pills to get her through the stress. Jackie has a drug problem and if this comes out, this could ruin her husband’s chances at becoming commander of Fort Marshall. This week, we do not see Claudia Joy because she is with her parents recovering and adjusting to her schedule on dialysis.

This week, we also get to see some more of Charlie and Rowland. We all have been thinking the same thing that Charlie like Rowland a lot but in this episode, we learn that Charlie is gay. We learn that she has a partner in Arubu who happens to be the Captain of the Intelligence Division.

So, what did you think!? What do you think of how horribly those women treated Minji? What do you think of Jackie’s drug problem? Leave me a comment, email me, or tweet me @TTCWill. Give me your two cents.

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