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The Arrangement – First Impression – Pilot

The Arrangement

Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

The Arrangement premiered tonight and introduced us to Megan, an aspiring actress, who goes for an audition that turns out to be for a much bigger role than she anticipated.

Fresh from a breakup and crazy night with friends, Megan gets a callback, wows Kyle West and his team (including his spiritual advisor of sorts and best friend, Terrence), and ends up getting a part…just not the one she auditioned for. After a whirlwind 48 hours together, Megan finds out through her agent that she has been offered a contract to be Kyle West’s next girlfriend and future wife.  

From there, things escalate as she contemplates whether or not to take the offer. You just can’t help but make certain comparisons throughout the hour, especially once we see more of Terrence and his position at the Institute of the Higher Mind.

Ultimately, Megan accepts the contract, though it doesn’t feel like she knows exactly what she’s getting herself into. The hour ends with an odd moment between Terrence’s wife, Deanna, and Anika, the woman whose pregnancy reveal broke Megan and her ex-boyfriend up.

The Arrangement feels like it has guilty-pleasure drama potential and there is certainly enough set up in the pilot to keep you hooked and asking questions about who is manipulating who and who is in on the whole game, especially Kyle. Loved seeing Autumn Reeser as Megan’s agent and Michael Vartan as Kyle’s mysterious advisor/friend, Terrence.

So, what did you think of The Arrangement premiere? What’s up with Terrence? Who is Anika? And what is Megan hiding?

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