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Arrow – Recap & Review – Checkmate


Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

And the game of chess Prometheus has been playing against the Green Arrow intensifies in a really entertaining way.

Oliver and Team Arrow are dealing with the shocking discovery, and the game Prometheus has them playing, in a good hour that saw a solid villain developing and the characters talking (or at least initiating conversations that need to happen).

While the Prometheus situation has escalated, Felicity’s diving into Helix and realizes that the offer to join the organization has a few strings attached.

Struggling to Catch Up to Prometheus and a Surprising Accomplice

It takes a trip up a mountain to a temple for Oliver to discover a few things: Adrian Chase is Prometheus and the woman who trained him all of those years ago is the daughter of a man that he’s killed. Yeah, that’s right. He discovers Talia’s last name and that she hasn’t let go of her father’s death or the fact that he’s the one who did it, making the decision for her to train Adrian easy.

With that stunning knowledge, Oliver returns to Star City and confronts the man himself. Of course, Chase plays it as smoothly as any solid villain would as he tells Oliver that he’s already ten steps ahead of him. After a long time without a really good villain that leaves a lasting impression, Adrian/Prometheus has that potential. His controlled conversations with not only Oliver but with everyone from Team Arrow that he’s interacted with showed how much control he really has over them, especially on their hunt to save Susan after she was kidnapped.

What’s interesting was that the identity reveal came before the news and that identity, as well as Pike being attacked, is what brought about Oliver’s struggles with looking back at what he’s done this year. He put his trust in Chase, and this is how it all plays out. At that moment where he reaches the pinnacle of doubt in himself and his choices, we get the return of Digg’s talks as he explains to him that the people he keeps close aren’t targets. They are his team, his friends, his strength.

That pep talk is what he needs when he goes in to face off against Adrian in an intense and entertaining fight that leaves Oliver distracted while Talia comes in from behind with a tranquilizer arrow.

Speaking of Prometheus…

I know it’s only been an episode and a few scenes since we discovered that Chase is Prometheus, but Josh Segarra has rocked it, and it might have a lot to do with the fact that we’ve seen him play the role a certain way up until this week’s episode. It’s almost like something’s flipped and his villainous tendencies and his freakishly calm demeanor with a hint of menacing have just blown up. It was the first time in a very long time that I’ve enjoyed an Oliver/Big Bad™ interaction, and it really feels like this has the potential to be the next Slade-level baddie (and maybe even surpass it).

The man, even faced with Oliver’s attempt to throw him off by exposing his alter ego to his wife, didn’t so much as blink as he stabbed her all with an eerie calm and collected demeanor that was just chilling to watch and gave us more insight into what Chase is willing to do.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Segarra plays this all out.

Felicity’s First Trip to Helix, The Catch, and What Brings Her Back

Now that Felicity accepted Helix’s offer, she toured the (not so) lowkey hacking base of operations and began to show some wariness about the level of hacking they do and the type of information they acquire for the first time since she discovered the organization. But despite some level of trepidation of it, she continues to go with the flow to get what she needs to help Oliver and the team find Susan. Of course, that information comes at a price, as Alena explains they’ll need her to hack a DHS drone in return.

After a hint of it during “Bratva,” Oliver finally asks her about what she’s up to as he tells her that he’s worried about her. Even with her somewhat non-answer, it’s still a start on the list of things the pair need to talk about. I also appreciated him bringing up the fact that honesty is important. It’s a positive sign (hopefully) that a shift is coming.

Curtis confronts her about what she’s doing with the DHS drone and asks her to stop. That plea falls on deaf ears because if there’s one thing we know about Felicity is that she’s determined to do what she can to help.

Ultimately, she gets the information on where Prometheus is holding Susan, and the team goes in. Of course, Oliver gets kidnapped mid-fight (thanks to Talia’s tranquilizer arrow), and Felicity goes back to Helix to get the information they need and tells Alena that she’s willing to do anything they want her to. That moment in itself reinforces what we’ve seen the entire time in terms of their dynamic.

Does this shift her motivation for joining Helix or was this always the case, considering she began to help Digg? What are the odds that Helix is another piece of Prometheus’ game?

Random Arrow Moments

That flashback where Oliver mentions that he doesn’t know anyone that can pull data from a bullet-ridden laptop was fantastic! Especially considering who he finds that can do exactly that when he returns from Lian Yu.

Seeing Chase playing this game without any subtext was awesome this hour and gave us one of the best lines of the night as he tells Oliver “I think you’re one loss from being destroyed.” Sounded ominous but was it a threat?

After seeing the trio somewhat distracted by a multitude of things, it felt like this episode served as a reminder of stuff that’s happened to them be it Felicity’s vagueness about what she’s doing or just that communication Oliver, Digg, and Felicity had with each other. It was great to see those moments.

The random mention of Oliver’s son after so long was interesting as he began listing the people that Adrian could use to get to him (along with Felicity and Digg). Is it meant to be a random reference or is there more to it?

What did you think of the episode? Who else is excited about the rest of Prometheus’ arc? Isn’t it odd that Prometheus that there’s specifically one important person in Oliver’s life that he has yet to mess with?

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