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Arrow – Recap & Review – Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons

Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

After a month away, Arrow is back to kick off its final run of episodes for season five with an exciting hour and an explosive ending.

Now that Chase is in the wind after he took down his protective detail, the team is looking for ways to hunt him down. Oliver and Felicity don’t necessarily see eye to eye on a single way to take the man down, which becomes the crux of the tension especially when it becomes clear how dangerous Felicity’s resource, Helix, really is.

The episode also used Helix and the choices made as a way to give a glimpse at the tension in not only Oliver and Felicity’s relationship but also Diggle and Lyla’s, as well as some insight into Rene’s lack of relationship with his daughter.

Helix/Felicity v. Team Arrow/Oliver (More Like Felicity v. Lyla)

While Felicity is working with Helix on ways to really zero in on Chase’s location, Oliver and Team Arrow are working with ARGUS and Lyla to catch him. Everyone involved quickly learns that each side has their own way of doing things and that leads to some friction between the teams. Seeing Felicity and Oliver at odds throughout the hour about the best strategy was really interesting. We’ve seen hints of it since her Helix arc began but really got to see it clearly this episode as she was willing to cross Lyla and ARGUS for a chance to get to this hacker, Cayden, who will give her what she needs. It’s only when she tells Diggle about the key she needs to get to Chase that he and Oliver realize exactly how far in she is. This realization leads to the confrontation we’ve been waiting for, only in multiple parts and with an unexpected addition in Lyla.

Seeing Felicity go toe to toe with Lyla as she tried to justify her Helix mission was so great and served as a lovely way to sort of parallel the mindset both women have when it comes to things that need to be done. It’s especially interesting since, in previous conversations they’ve had, they have worked at somewhat opposite ends in terms of method. Lyla was always a mirror to Oliver when it came to how they got things done so to see her and Felicity operate in the moral gray similarly showed us exactly where Felicity’s head is at and how things have kind of reversed.

Olicity and Dyla Going Through Some Things

Oliver and Felicity’s disagreement over Helix leads to at least the beginnings of a confrontation that has been about a year in the making. The highlights, the scene in the loft and the scene in the bunker, felt like it laid a foundation for them to understand each other a bit better and move them toward a moment where they could hash everything out. At this point, Oliver’s beyond familiar with what Felicity’s motivations and plans are considering that’s how he’s spent most of his last four years. It’s that familiarity that causes him so much concern and tries to stop her from going through with her mission, which doesn’t work (because hello, it’s Felicity).  The moment she tries to get him to accept her decision was equal parts wonderful and intense as she reminds him, “you have sacrificed your soul for the team, for the city, and for me. You don’t have to carry that burden any longer. Let me do it.” The closeness is slowly working its way back into their conversations, and it felt like a sign of things to come.

That conversation solidifies Oliver’s stance on how far he’s willing to go along with Felicity’s plan and lands them on opposite sides of the mission. Oliver and Felicity’s moments throughout felt like there were a few things being left unspoken and it’ll be interesting to see if any of it gets said next episode.

All the while, Diggle and Lyla are going through their own issues after Digg discovers that Lyla has maybe channeled her inner-Waller a bit too much since taking on the head of ARGUS title. While it was great to have Lyla back, it was kind of heartbreaking to see this kind of uncomfortable and sad discussion happen between these two. They have been the couple that’s worked through so much and kind of served as a model. One only hopes that this is something they can work through as well.  

Rene, Lance, and Zoe

Rene and Lance get sidelined when it comes to all things Helix this episode but in turn, have a heartwarming and emotional story. As the pair are working on notifying the families of Chase’s victims, the topic of daughters comes up courtesy of Quentin. He finds it’s a touchy subject after bringing up Zoe and visitation. Rene eventually tells him exactly why he doesn’t visit, and it’s so heartbreaking to see that he really believes that all he does is hurt his daughter. As a way to get him to realize that it’s not the case, Lance brings Zoe into the office, and it was heartwarming to see, even if it was for a brief moment. Paul Blackthorne and Rick Gonzalez do such a wonderful job cultivating this dynamic and seeing it grow whenever they interact is lovely.

It’s a Trap!

Back in the bunker, Felicity returns from Helix’s former place of operations after finding out they’ve moved and Alena has chosen to keep her out of things, leaving her with a piece of tech Cayden created to help her. Oliver is still there and asks her about the tech, which supposedly would help them find Chase. Their conversation, which went back to the question of trust, gets interrupted when the tech does locate Chase–who happens to be in the same building as the bunker–blowing up Felicity’s workstation launching the pair back.

Random Highlights

  • “Don’t grab a woman unless you have permission, dumbass.” Dinah being awesome, ladies and gentlemen.
  • “When Lyla and Felicity Smoak cross the line…” “It makes you wonder if there even is one, right?” There was just something about this conversation between Oliver and Digg.

What are the odds that Chase wasn’t behind it but that Helix was trying to tie up loose ends? Who else needs to see Digg and Lyla work things out? Did anyone’s heart melt during that Rene/Zoe scene? And who else is excited to see next week’s bottle episode?!

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