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Arrow – Recap & Review – Disbanded


Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

Arrow continued its streak of solid episodes with “Disbanded”.

After seeing Oliver being subjected to mental and physical torture, “Disbanded” had Oliver at his absolute lowest and lost after calling off the team.

With both Oliver and the team at a loss, Diggle and Felicity have ideas about how to help their best friend and they are very different. Their reactions gave viewers an idea of where the pair is mentally at this point an interesting switch than where we’ve seen them in past seasons and a clear indicator of what’s to come for one specific member of OTA.

Broken Oliver, No Green Arrow, and Another Option

We pick up right where we left off and saw more of Oliver’s interaction with Felicity, Digg, and Curtis. Oliver’s absolutely broken, heartbreakingly delivering the news that Team Arrow is no longer active and that the Green Arrow is no more. With no other options left to take care of Chase on his own, he goes to someone that has the power to get rid of him…Anatoly and the Bratva. Of course, the tradeoff for having them take care of Prometheus/Chase was allowing them to steal medicine from a struggling Star City organization, essentially going against what Oliver’s been trying to do as Mayor.

Like I said last week, Stephen Amell does really well with the emotional moments for Oliver and this week is another example of that. Seeing Oliver resigned to the twisted reality that Chase presented him was painful and frustrating in a way that made sense after what he went through. From his unwillingness to look Felicity in the eye at the beginning of the hour to seeing him tell Digg that “[s]omewhere along the way, something in me broke. Something is sick inside of me,” it was the somewhat quieter moments of the episode that added to the arc and Oliver’s story.

It takes a moment with Diggle to realize that even though he may not think he is the man everyone believes him to be, he can work towards being that man.

Diggle Takes the Lead

Diggle takes the lead with the team, absolutely refusing to give up on Team Arrow and the Green Arrow himself. The entire hour showed exactly what he’s willing to do to get through to Oliver and make him realize he’s not the monster he was conditioned to believe he was. After spending the first quarter of the season working through his own doubt about his place on the team and his mission with the team, it was his turn to bring his words back for Oliver’s sake, and it paid off.

Every moment he had with Oliver throughout the episode was great to see, and it was nice that Digg was the one to provide that tether for Oliver to keep him from continuing his spiral.

Felicity’s Falling Deeper and A Clearer Focus on Her Motivation

With the knowledge that Chase has tortured and broken Oliver, Felicity’s focus on Helix as a way to take down the man continues and intensifies. Her deep dive into the organization (that we still don’t know a lot about) still raises concerns for Curtis and leads him to even follow her down to Helix HQ using his T-Spheres.

What’s been interesting to see with this Helix story play out is that though everyone’s shown concern about her involvement, they still are grateful for what they’ve been able to get to further their Prometheus mission. It makes sense because it hasn’t really developed into visibly unhealthy behavior that the team could call out besides her extended absences and her operating the morally gray, borderline dark areas when it comes to getting what they need. There have been conversations with Oliver, Digg, Rory, and Curtis about it but it will be interesting to see what it will take to get them to intervene.

You’ve Changed, Man

We saw two versions of Anatoly on this week’s episode: that in present day and the flashback. While he was asking Oliver to help with one final score to help get TB medicine for a hospital before his return to Lian Yu in the flashbacks, he’s stealing medicine to create the latest street drug for the sake of Bratva profit. It was interesting to see the final confrontation between the men towards the end of the episode where Anatoly explains that he had to do it for Bratva’s survival. It felt like it could serve as some kind of contrast or comparison to what Oliver’s had to do to keep the city safe.

Random Highlights

  • Seeing Curtis, Rene, and Dinah discuss who is the new Digg, Oliver, and Felicity was hilarious. Because, of course, there can’t be new versions of the originals. But, the new additions to the team are solid as they are.
  • “That is what we needed — something he couldn’t plan for: You.” But did he really not plan for her or is it all going according to plan?
  • Curtis walking into Helix and Felicity talking about that pancake was really funny.
  • After attacking the FBI agents that were with him in protective custody in brutal fashion, the final scene showed him at his more sociopathic as he was just whistling to “It’s a Beautiful Morning,” blood covering him all over, and presumably driving back to Star City.

So, what did you think of the episode? How creepy was that final scene with Chase in the car? And is anyone else waiting for the other shoe to drop with Felicity and Helix? There is something there. But the question is what.

That’s it for this week’s episode! And now to wait a month for a new episode which will see Oliver and Felicity at odds over Helix.

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