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Arrow – Recap & Review – Fighting Fire with Fire

Fighting Fire with Fire

Original Air Date: Mar 1, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

This week’s episode of Arrow was…rough. But looking back at prior seasons, it seems like the 15th episode is known for that kind of…roughness (except “The Dodger”). 

After the reports about Oliver knowing who killed Malone had surfaced last week, the fallout was rolled out swiftly in “Fighting Fire with Fire,” with an impeachment hearing and the team trying to put out multiple fires. One of those fires, Vigilante’s reappearance and their hunt for the Mayor.

The hour also saw Thea channel her inner-Moira, someone within OTA finally noticing something is up with Felicity, and the Prometheus reveal that left me confused.

Impeachment Hearings, Vigilante’s Radar, and Prometheus Revealed

The fallout begins with impeachment hearings for Oliver, who is concerned about his tenure as Mayor coming to an end. Most of the hour revolved around the hearing and what’s building up to it, including having the DA represent Oliver in front of the hearing. As a result of the hearing, Oliver ends up on Vigilante’s radar and attacks him mid-ride in a limo. After being forced by protocol, Oliver goes to the hospital (for maybe the fourth time in the show’s history). That gives Prometheus plenty of time to make sure that Vigilante understands that Oliver Queen is his target.

That conversation between the two masked individuals leads us to a big moment…the reveal of Prometheus’ identity. As Prometheus pushes Vigilante off the rooftop of a building, he takes off his mask, and it’s revealed to be Adrian Chase! The reveal comes as a surprise not just in terms of who is under that mask, but also in terms of who is not the Vigilante. It was a solid reveal and feels like it’s aspiring to have the same effect Slade Wilson’s return as Deathstroke had on season two. Now, to see how it will play out.

Ultimately, Oliver falls into Prometheus’ trap and decides to throw the Green Arrow under the bus, making him the public enemy (again). That press conference announcing that Green Arrow is a danger eventually allows Oliver to keep his job as Mayor but at the expense of the other half of his identity.

While Slade tried to destroy Oliver’s relationships and Ra’s tried to destroy his Arrow identity, Prometheus is already accomplishing aspects of both with Oliver denouncing his Green Arrow identity and the core team becoming distant.

Someone Finally Notices (and Asks Questions)

While Oliver was dealing with potential impeachment, we finally got someone close to Felicity to realize something was wrong and actually ask her and talk to her about it! With Thea channeling her inner-Moira and asking Felicity to look into a council member, Digg knows something is up, and he confronts her about it. It feels like it’s been so very long since we’ve gotten anything resembling actual conversations between OG Team Arrow, not counting those moments in “Bratva.”

I really enjoyed seeing Digg remind her of what her strength is, her empathy, while also seeing Felicity’s reaction to being warned about the darkness. Her answer is telling as she responds “the world is a dark place.” He leaves her with words of caution about fighting fire with fire and getting burned.

Of course, Felicity’s got her blinders on (much like another character…Oliver) and ends up finding a chance to have back up from Helix. The fact that she had to find backup outside of her own team was a little heartbreaking. She’s essentially cemented her path into darkness and makes me curious about how long before the team notices what Felicity’s up to and working on for Helix.

Really, Oliver?

At this point in the season, I usually ask this question. However, it feels like this season this question is being asked with more frequency. It’s understandable that Oliver’s trying to make an effort to change, working on being his own light and just generally putting effort into living his life. But there’s a line where that blind dedication becomes problematic in the choices he makes. One example is Oliver still trying to make a relationship with a reporter ,who essentially used him for a story, work and asking his ex-fiance to help him smooth things over while asking his sister to get the reporter’s job back.

Granted, it’s commendable that he’s making an effort, but that’s not how to do it. At all.

Random Moments:

  • We got one small solid scene between Oliver and Felicity as she offered some encouraging words about his hearing and how Oliver as Mayor is the city’s hero. Because despite all of the terrible (and I mean terrible) decisions, that encouragement will always be there.
  • For the very short amount of time we had Thea back (two episodes or so), seeing her channel Moira was entertaining and added something to her character. Now to see how long before we see her again.
  • The team laughing at Curtis’ T-Spheres was adorable and a small reprieve from everything else the episode was.
  • Speaking of Curtis, in a rather rushed moment we saw Paul serve him with divorce papers, and it was so sad especially after seeing how excited he was about meeting up with his husband.

Does anyone find the reporter to be a sympathetic character at all? Who else was sad to see Thea leave (again)? What’s next for the Green Arrow now that’s he is a public enemy (again)? Who else is bracing for what Helix will do with Felicity now on board? And now that we have the Prometheus reveal, who is Vigilante?

In two weeks: “Checkmate.”

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