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Arrow – Recap & Review – Honor Thy Fathers

Honor Thy Fathers

Original Air Date: May 10, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

Arrow continued its streak of important conversation topics broached each episode this week as Thea returned, another aspect of Robert Queen’s past is revealed, and Oliver takes another step forward in figuring things out for himself in a solid hour.

Oliver’s return to his mayoral duties is slightly diverted when a large, mysterious crate arrives at City Hall courtesy of Simon Morrison (aka Adrian Chase). The body that gets shipped to City Hall gives the team a surprising connection as Dinah gets the results and realizes that the DNA implicates Robert Queen in the murder of the councilman that ended up in that cement. While the team is dealing with Chase’s message, they also find themselves up against the newly-released Derek Sampson.

Queen Siblings Reunite and More Heartache

After what has felt like far too long, Thea returns. Sadly, her return is quickly met with yet another bombshell about her parents’ shady dealings as she and Oliver discover exactly what kind of message Chase was sending them with the councilman’s remains. Thanks to a quick conversation with Jason Claybourne’s former attorney, Oliver is given the next hint Chase leaves him – a jump drive with surveillance video of Robert arguing with the councilman and inevitably pushing him into a vat of cement.

There’s no arguing the Queen siblings have had a rough time, especially when it comes to their parents. But this video hits Thea a lot harder. In a heartbreaking moment, similar in some ways to her brother’s moment a few episodes back, she confesses that it’s not surprising she’s a monster given who she was raised by and who her biological father is. Oliver tries to convince her that she’s not, but it eventually takes giving her Robert’s parting message to Thea and an abridged recitation of Felicity’s words of wisdom to realize it’s time to forge ahead, with their parents’ legacies behind them.

These Queen sibling moments are always wonderful and this one specifically considering the topic of legacies and family. These two have faced it in different ways, but there’s a commonality in the pain they’ve endured over the years at the hands of their family and life in general. It was important for them to really grasp the idea that their parents’ legacies aren’t their own.

Rene’s Shot at a Reunion

We also got to see fatherhood from Rene’s point of view this week which was equal parts great and heartbreaking to watch. With some encouragement from Lance, Rene takes one step towards getting Zoe back only to be met with the uncertainty of a hearing. When he tells Lance about his concerns about how much of a good father he could be by forcing her to hear about everything that’s led up to Zoe’s foster placement. It takes a stern conversation and a heartfelt plea from Lance for Rene to seemingly accept the idea of the hearing. But when the hearing comes around, Rene’s nowhere to be found. It doesn’t seem likely that he would just skip out on such an important court date. So what are the odds that Chase is involved somehow?

One More Step Forward For Oliver And The Green Arrow Returns

Any hour we get to see how much Oliver has grown and taken things the people he cares for has said to heart is a solid episode in my book. In this case, it’s seeing Oliver deal with the bomb that Chase dropped on him and Thea. He initially begins questioning the validity of his father’s legacy, the one he used as a basis to begin his mission five years ago. It takes a wonderful conversation with Felicity about the need to forge ahead and stop living in the past for him to realize that he doesn’t need to be validated by his father’s legacy when he’s been building his own over the years. His decisions and his mission are his own, not his father’s.

It’s a very important step forward for Oliver. We can see signs of the growth not only when he puts his suit back on for the first time in a while or when he talks to Thea about what they have to do to deal with their parents but also when he goes in front of the media and talks about his father and his own plans.

There’s individual growth in the hour and in turn that shows how Oliver and Felicity are moving one step closer to each other as well. Through both her pep talk and their brief conversation about finding William before Chase does, we got to see that their talk in last week’s episode really sunk in and they are back to that closeness that they had before the breakup.

Granted, there is still work to do, but we get confirmation about their step towards getting back to that level of comfort in their relationship.

The Game Is Not Over Yet.

Make no mistake, that moment Chase drops his sword and kneels in front of Oliver after hearing about his father may have initially looked like he’s resigned himself getting caught by Oliver, but the ease of it give off the feeling that they are still playing by Chase’s rules. The man is crazy, and we’ve always seen how meticulously he plans how he’s going to take people out. There’s no way that he would be surprised by the information Oliver is giving him about his father.

And if the fact that it felt too easy wasn’t enough of an indicator, then Chase’s face at the end has to be a dead giveaway.

Meanwhile, in Flashback-land…

The Flashbacks gave us answers for more than a few questions this week. Among the answers we got, is how Oliver learned how to fly a plane and it turns out there was a non-island related reason: his father used to take him up in their small plane. There also seemed to have been a careful plan laid out for Oliver’s “rescue” which included Anatoly’s connection to a fishing boat, a 48-hour time frame, and presumably a few props to give Oliver the authentic “deserted island” look. What he doesn’t seem to plan for is Kovar’s appearance. But, from season one we know that he does light the fire and he does get noticed by the fishing boat. How does he get away from Kovar?

Random Highlights

  • “Maybe it’s time to stop living for your father and start living for yourself. Just leave the past in the past.” It’s always great seeing how Oliver takes Felicity’s words to heart and Oliver quoting parts of Felicity’s conversation with him was fantastic throughout the final parts of the episode.
  • Felicity’s red and white dress looked absolutely amazing.
  • Seeing Team Arrow collectively smile, even if we know it’s (very) temporary, was nice to see. They got to celebrate a big win…even if that win is an illusion put in place by the very man they are convinced they helped take down.

So, what did you think of the episode? How long before they notice Rene is missing? Is Rene missing at all? How great was it to see that comfort between Oliver and Felicity again? Will Oliver and Thea take that advice to heart?

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