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Arrow – Recap & Review – Muse of Fire

photo: cw
photo: cw
Muse of Fire

Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2012

Alyssa – Staff Writer

Arrow this week decided to focus on the characters rather than hunting down the bad guy and it paid dividends, particularly with the introduction of the Huntress. As Starling City’s finest brace themselves for a mob war, the Bertinelli and Queen families find themselves intertwined.

Also John Barrowman gets a name!

Raven locks sway

Helena Bertinelli was exactly what Ollie needed to push himself forward. Finally Ollie is provided with someone he can fully and completely relate to, both as a man and as the vigilante. Helena was the name to be crossed off this week, so to speak, hunting down various associates of the Bertinelli family and almost killing Moira in the process. There were numerous times where Ollie’s feelings for her were portrayed as a liability, particularly in the eyes of Diggle who viewed Helena’s actions as nothing more than those of a cold-blooded murderer. But really can’t the same be said of Ollie? Helena asked why her revenge was so different from Ollie trying to right his father’s wrongs, and Oliver’s response was to forge a deeper connection by kissing her.

Perhaps this will end badly. Helena knows his secret and that could prove fatal in the long run. But for now I think Ollie does need someone to talk to, someone who understands him for who he has become rather than who he was. Both Helena and Ollie commiserated over their misfortune of having to live up to the family names bestowed on them, and both now live secret lives that take their toll on the psyche. In the end I thought I wouldn’t like Huntress, but I was proved wrong. Welcome Helena, and can I just say how lucky you are to lock lips with that blonde Adonis?

Dinah and Merlyn

Tommy continues to try and win Dinah over by wooing her. I’m not a big fan of this pairing mostly because I don’t see the chemistry but I’m told people are rooting for these two crazy kids. Anyway the important part of this story was that Tommy’s father is John Barrowman! Seems like patriarch Merlyn has just cut Tommy off cold turkey from his trust fund and Dinah is now Tommy’s anchor in this new life of economy.

What did you think of this episode? Do you want to see more of Huntress? Did you see the Well Dressed Man as Tommy’s father? Do you think Thea is starting to get annoying? Give me your TwoCents below or over on Twitter!

Next Week: Vendetta

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