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Arrow – Recap & Review – The Sin-Eater

The Sin-Eater

Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

And now back to our regularly scheduled Arrow.

This week’s episode saw (another) prison break, something that has been in the works for quite some time, and an interesting twist to a familiar story.

Team Arrow had to deal with Chien Na Wei, Liza Warner, and Cupid escaping prison to return to Star City to exact their revenge. However exciting the prospect of the trio’s return to the show may have been and could have drawn the focus of the episode, it was an interesting move by Thea and a twist that takes the sole focus.

A Prison Break

We were treated to the return of a trio of familiar faces as Chien Na Wei, Liza Warner, and Cupid managed to escape in the midst of a police transfer. Their first stop after breaking free? Star City, of course. Their mission seemed to be going after money left behind by Tobias Church from the Amertek Deal. It was nice to see their return, but it was clear to see that their reappearances were not meant to be the focus of the episode. Liza’s return to Star City included a confrontation with Lance that led to the reveal that she knew Lance had been working with Darhk.

Thea and Felicity Team Up

While the team was dealing with the trio, Thea and Felicity teamed up to try and keep Oliver’s secret identity safe from Susan. As we all know, she’s been digging into his past and getting information in some ethically questionable ways, including having a relationship and sleeping with the subject of her investigation (how she finds out about the Bratva tattoo).

At the top of the hour, Oliver tells Thea that she was getting too close and asked about whether he was the Green Arrow or not. Thea channeled her inner-Moira and made good on her threat to Susan from earlier part of the season, getting Felicity to hack into her laptop to find what the reporter has on her brother.

Sure, it was a messy way to bring up about this whole situation. But with the reveal of his secret identity imminent, it felt like it was par for the course in a moment where the threat to the team was looming. It’s what they did back in season three when they used Laurel’s connection as ADA to play interference with Ray’s testimony that Oliver was the Arrow.

Ultimately, Oliver confronts Thea about her decision. His instant emotional reaction felt like overkill in the face of everything and while his belief that she wouldn’t reveal his secret was admirable in the aspect that he was willing to trust someone else, the reaction just didn’t sit right. Oliver’s later comparison of Thea’s actions to Moira felt spot-on but didn’t come off as negative as he may have imagined. Yes, Moira may have done a lot of questionable things (including instigating that whole William situation), but her dedication to her children was commendable. It was curious to hear him say he was concerned about her, considering there’s nothing we have seen throughout the season to indicate that there was anything wrong with her, unlike the signs we got last season when building up to her bloodlust.

Trouble Coming Oliver’s (and Green Arrow’s) Way

While dealing with one problem as the Green Arrow, Oliver inadvertently created another problem for his mayoral persona, the latter becoming the new potential public enemy number one. As Lieutenant Pike gets information from an unnamed source from Opal City, Green Arrow becomes the focus of the investigation into Malone’s death. With the Arrow as public enemy number one (again), Oliver as the Mayor takes it upon himself to try and smooth things over with Pike. Of course, it doesn’t end well as he hands Pike information that includes he was aware of Adrian Chase covering up autopsy reports that indicated that the Arrow did it. He armed the man investigating with huge administration-ending information.

This administration-ending information becomes public in the final moments of the episode as it airs on the news. Is impeachment next?

Random Thoughts

  • Seeing press at Dinah’s swearing in ceremony was…weird. Is that common?
  • Felicity’s commentary on Susan’s password was really funny because that was a very tech-oriented person thing to do.
  • Having Felicity and Thea be the ones to face this Susan situation was actually how I envisioned it and it made sense to me.
  • Seeing Felicity give Dinah her mask was a small adorable moment and a continuing tradition.
  • The Bratva flashbacks had Oliver helping Anatoly escape a hospital and as a result of the present day story, felt monotonous ever gtime it flashed back.

Next week: “Fight Fire with Fire”

What did you think of the episode? How about that whole situation with Thea?

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