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New Girl – Recap & Review – Exes

New Girl Exes Original Air Date: Feb 04, 2014 Kelly – Senior Reviewer It’s time for everyone to confront the obvious: Nick and Jess have been in other relationships. They’ve always known this—Jess has met Caroline, and Nick stood in Spencer’s yard once—but they haven’t really thought about their exes in a while. They’ve

New Girl – Recap & Review – Birthday

New Girl Birthday Original Air Date: Jan 21, 2014 Kelly – Senior Reviewer Shh. Find someone who’s sleeping and whisper dramatically in their ear. It’s Jessica Day’s birthday! She claims she’s not a big birthday person, but I think if we should all know anything about Jess—or any teacher, or anyone who has a

Did You See That?! – Sleepy Hollow – The Indispensable Man/ Bad Blood

Sleepy Hollow The Indispensable Man/ Bad Blood  Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2014 Kelly – Senior Reviewer We all knew a twist was coming. Sleepy Hollow has reliably delivered jaw-dropping revelations all season long (appropriate for a show that stacks its premise on the Book of Revelation), so the epic, two-hour season finale was bound to

New Girl – Recap & Review – Clavado En Un Bar

New Girl Clavado En Un Bar Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2014 Kelly – Senior Reviewer Ah, happy hour at Nick’s bar. It’s quiet, it’s classy, it’s completely drama free, and all of that’s over now, because Jess needs the team’s help. Buckle up, roomfriends: we’ve got 21 minutes to help Jessica Day make

Dear TV Claus … From Kelly

Hello and Happy Holidays to you all! For the month of December, the crew here at will be writing our letters to TV Claus, a powerful being who transcends all beliefs to bring us the wonderment of good television. You’ll see a new letter to TV Claus almost daily

New Girl – Recap & Review – Thanksgiving III

New Girl Thanksgiving III Original Air Date: Nov 26, 2013 Kelly – Senior Reviewer If you’d like to know what can justify eating a tainted, undercooked fish that once floated dead next to a sock, the answer is nothing. Nothing can ever justify that. But if you’d like to know why Jess did it

New Girl – Recap & Review – Longest Night Ever

New Girl Longest Night Ever Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2013 Kelly – Senior Reviewer What do friends do when the other friend is taking showers with a cat? I’m asking for a friend. That friend is Winston, and we should all be very concerned for him. Winston’s bond with Ferguson is reaching dangerous

New Girl – Recap & Review – Menus

New Girl Menus Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2013 Kelly – Senior Reviewer Get out your cool beach hats, roomfriends: it’s Ocean Conservancy Day. And if anyone tells you that’s not a thing, you don’t even need to listen. Anything is possible. You ride that cool beach hat to the moon. Then maybe ride

New Girl – Recap & Review – Keaton

New Girl Keaton Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2013 Kelly – Senior Reviewer Let’s all take a minute to acknowledge that Schmidt bit a raw pumpkin today. He just…bit the pumpkin. And that’s after he smashed the pumpkin. Probably wise to keep Schmidt away from all fall activities for a little while, for everyone’s

New Girl – Recap & Review – The Box

New Girl The Box Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2013 Kelly – Senior Reviewer Nick Miller doesn’t trust people very easily. When someone knocks on the door to hand him a mysterious paper bag, he’s more likely to run than step forward. Nick is the kind of guy who shoves his bills into a