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Battlestar Galactica – Summer DVD Review – Resurrection Ship Part II

Photo: scifi
photo: scifi

Battlestar Galactica
Resurrection Ship Part 2

#8 (Top 10 Happiest Episodes)
Season 2, Episode 12

Brittany – Associate Staff Writer

As the trend has been with Battlestar Galactica, for every happy occasion there is one that punches you right in the face. You can’t have more than ten minutes of good at a time before something terrible comes along and makes you cry. I’ve started to look at it this way: It’s a happy episode if Laura isn’t crying by the end, or hasn’t cried or been on the verge of crying. Or you know, isn’t dying. Which brings us to my pick for happiest episode number eight: ‘Resurrection Ship Part 2’.

If you’ll remember, in the two episodes that precede this one, ‘Pegasus’ and ‘Resurrection Ship Part 1’, a second battlestar is discovered that is led by Admiral Helena Cain. That’s good news all around for the rag tag fleet of survivors!

Happiest moment number 1: Gaius helps Gina escape. The battered and bruised Six model was tortured and raped aboard the Pegasus after she was found out to be a cylon. With Baltar’s help, she found the will to live and seek her revenge. (See moment four.)

Happiest moment number 2: Basestars and cylon raiders are destroyed! Hurrah! It’s always nice when part of the enemy is wiped out, right? Never mind the fact that they’ll keep coming back over and over again. It’s important that it’s over for now.

Happiest moment number 3: Adama and Cain don’t go through with their respective assassination plots. Cain was going to have her X.O. kill Adama so that she could go on with her cylon hunting spree. President Roslin advised Adama to kill Cain because the crazy woman would end up killing them all. In the end, both leaders got cold feet.

Happiest moment number 4: Gina kills Cain. Now, some of you may argue this, and I do agree that Cain was a bad ass character. But she was not a character who got much love from me. She let Gina be abused, she killed innocent people after the war started, and she shot her X.O. in cold blood. What goes around…

Happiest moment number 5: Laura promotes Bill to Admiral, and he kisses her in thanks. Really, what more do I have to say here? The moment was absolutely perfect as they shared their first tender moment. She was dying, and he took the moment to express how he felt about her. He even shed a couple of tears as he walked out.

But, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction!

Soul eating moment number 1: Helo and Chief are on trial for the murder of a Pegasus officer. They killed him when he raped Sharon, and were then sentenced to death by Cain’s command. They were even beat up with soap in a sock before being released.

Soul eating moment number 2: Lee gets ejected into space and decides that he wants to die out there. He would have been fine; probably even rescued, but his flight suit had a hole in it and he lets his oxygen leak into space.

Soul eating moment number 3: Lee then confesses to Starbuck that he did want to die, and Dee overhears him. It’s the look on her face – you have to see it.

Soul eating moment number 4: Laura is sick and dying, and it’s obvious throughout the entire episode. In the next episode she’s on her deathbed, so yes, she was in rough shape this entire time. (Incidentally, this episode is when I started bargaining with God to send a magical unicorn to save her. We haven’t really been on speaking terms since then.)

Soul eating moment number 5: The Blackbird is destroyed. Alright, I know this is debatable. But that ship was undeniably awesome and could have been an extremely useful tool in the future. Plus, it was named ‘Laura’ and if the destruction of the ship wasn’t foreshadowing for the next episode, I don’t know what was.

So what do you think my little nuggets? Do you agree or disagree with my selections? I would love to hear from more of you, so leave your Two Cents in the comments!

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