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Biggest Loser – Recap & Review – Season 11 Episode 1

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Biggest Loser
Season 11 Episode 1


Original Air Date: Jan 4, 2011

Anne – Associate Editor

Welcome to season eleven of The Biggest Loser! Also known as, unfortunately, Jillian Michaels’ last season on the show. There are also plenty of twists and turns this time around; including two new trainers who we don’t officially meet right away. For videos introducing you to the players, please check here.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

We have a lot of numbers, so this might be a little longer than usual. But, here we go.

Ali meets all eleven teams in the Biggest Loser gym. They are all amazed at being in the gym for real after seeing it on television. Then Ali brings out Bob & Jillian and the big scales. It’s starting weight time! Here are the teams and their weights:

Blue Team – Father & Son
Jesse – 293
Arthur – 507 (Biggest ever on show)

Aqua Team – Mom & Daughter
Marci – 238
Courtney – 323 (lost 100 on her own at home)

Yellow Team – Friends
Rulon – 474 (former Olympic gold medalist)
Justin – 365

Orange Team – Mother & Daughter
Ana – 255
Irene – 255

Purple Team – Sisters
Olivia – 261 (opera singer)
Hannah – 248

Gray Team – Father & Daughter
Moses – 440
Kaylee – 233

Black Team – Twin Brothers
Dan – 287 (both policemen)
Don – 309

Brown – Father & Son
Ken – 377
Austin – 396

Red Team – Married
Jaquin (Q) – 427
Larialmy – 301

Pink Team – Mother & Daughter
Denise – 256
Sarah – 261 (multiple miscarriages)

Green Team – Father & Daughter
Jay – 400
Jennifer – 278

After the weigh-in, Ali announces that they will not be working out yet, but going right into their first challenge. Bob & Jillian get dismissed and Ali drops the bomb on the teams that they will be playing to choose their trainers. Six teams will be training with B&J. The other five teams will be training with a new pair of trainers at an undisclosed location. The new trainers are standing in the shadows, but we do not meet them. The five teams with the new trainers will automatically get four weeks of immunity. Wow! There’s some strategy already.

The challenge is a 5K run on treadmills. They will choose trainers in the order they finish. Yellow and Green remain almost neck and neck. Yellow pulls out the win and the Black team picks up the rear, finishing last. Here are the picks:

B&J – Aqua, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue & Black
New Trainers – Yellow, Gray, Brown, Pink & Red

Orange, Blue & Black ended up on B&J by default because the others chose first.

The next day, Bob & Jillian are not amused with this new twist. They are actually worried about the pressure on them from the three teams that chose them. Four of their contestants are definitely going home. It’s a lot of stress for everyone. But they waste no time jumping into the day one workout.

Jillian makes the announcement that she’s not going to yell this year. Of course, that lasts about five minutes. I don’t think these contestants know at this point that it’s her last season.

Arthur has a hard time. His story touches me the most. His starting weight was very close to my highest weight. We have a lot in common. He actually used to weigh close to 700 lbs, but lost 150 on his own. The hard time he has keeping up is what scares me about possibly doing the show. It’s terrifying. Courtney excites Bob. He calls her a machine. She kicks some major butt in her workout. I just hope she doesn’t burn out. Of course, we have our usual fainting and puking going on.

Over at the Unknown campus, which is located at the Biggest Loser Fitness Resort in Malibu, we get a montage of the trainers talking and the contestants huffing and puffing. We still don’t get introduced officially. The male trainer is a doctor of science and martial artist. The female trainer is a boxer. The teams here all seem to be major fighters.

Back at the traditional campus, Arthur continues to have issues. But Bob & Jillian don’t buy into his stuff. Bob takes him outside and really talks to him about his issues. This also really hits home for me. I’ve had the same body issues. Just when they think the workout is winding down, Jillian pulls up in a pickup truck and makes them push it. It’s a “tour of the ranch”!

It’s time for the weigh-in. Only the B&J’ers will be weighing in on screen. The Unknowns already all weighed in. The Yellow team were the Biggest Losers and Moses actually lost a whopping 41 lbs! Here are the filmed results:

Green – 6.78%
Jen – 20 lbs
Jay – 26 lbs

Black – 6.71%
Dan – 19 lbs
Don – 21 lbs

Purple – 6.29%
Olivia – 16 lbs
Hannah – 16 lbs

Aqua – 5.17%
Courtney – 15 lbs
Marci – 14 lbs

Blue – 4.75%
Art – 31 lbs
Jesse – 7 lbs

Orange – 4.31%
Ana – 9 lbs
Irene – 13 lbs

The Orange team is under the yellow line and only one of them will go home. Both Irene and Ana want the other to stay on campus. But the parental concern wins out and by a vote of 3-1, Ana is eliminated. In her follow-up video, we learn that she has lost 50 lbs so far and is now actually able to do her job as a postal carrier. She also is enjoying salsa dancing and is ready to start dating again.

What did you all think of the premiere? Do you have any favorites yet? What do you think of the new twist with the trainers? Please give your own two cents below or feel free to drop me an email.

Thank you for reading and make sure to check back Tuesday morning for an interview with Ana.

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