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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – After Hours

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Blue Bloods
After Hours

Original Air Date: Dec 3, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

Is anybody else out there pumped up for Blue Bloods even more since the NKOTBSB performance at the AMAs? Oh, it’s just me. Sorry!

Since we had a week off from the show (which did great in Black Friday ratings, by the way!), let us refresh. Jamie is questioning Joe’s death (and the Blue Templar’s involvement in it) on top of breaking up with Sidney, Danny has a permanent partner in the form of Jackie, and Sunday dinners are still the same.

Tonight continues with Danny working the night shift, Jamie digging deeper into Joe’s death and Frank having to make a tough decision about an old friend.

Criminal Case: A bouncer at a club is shot after a busy night of turning people away. Most of them men. He is one of the most known bouncers in town, named King. Before he was shot, he got into a fight with a “suit” who threatened to come back and kill him. Danny and Jackie are called on the case, and the owner of the club – a gorgeous woman named Sabrina – is very flirtatious with Danny, who apparently used to be heavy into the club scene before settling down. She gives them the info for the suit, who happens to be getting on a helicopter and heading out of town. His lawyer tells them to “go to hell,” literally. It’s a club. There, they find out he has an alibi for the shooting. He was busy being whipped and treated like a dog. Disturbing, but hey, it’s an alibi. Next up is King’s girlfriend, Benita. She’s a kind southern girl who moved to NYC to be with King. She’s a nurse and is two months pregnant. And also tells Jackie that King was in debt $100k to an underground after-hours casino owner named Lemon. Winds up that Lemon forgave his debt when King agreed to be his co-owner of a new club. When the video enhancement comes back from the club, it’s revealed that the bullet ricocheted off a lightpole and hit King. Who was behind the pole? Sabrina. Danny and Jackie go back to Sabrina to ask her about her enemies and lovers and find out she was seeing King. When they get to Benita’s place, she’s packing up her car to leave town. She asks for 5 minutes and they handcuff her as she admits what shooting King, with the gun he gave her for protection.

Danny: While investigating the case, Sabrina was relentless in hitting on Danny and dragging him into the club scene. He tried as hard as he could but always got in trouble somehow. Sabrina’s phone number on a napkin, dancing with her, and when Sabrina gives him a “get out of jail with your wife” card, it gets him in even hotter water with Linda. Eventually he smooths it all over and swears he is not the man he used to be.

Jamie: Jamie still hasn’t agreed to the whole Blue Templar thing, especially now that he thinks Joe’s involvement investigating them is what killed Joe. He meets with the other officer who was shot and she says she left the force because she wanted her kids to have a mother. Before Jamie could ask anything more, she disappears. Jamie goes to Frank and although he should be asking about the Templars, he just gives him back the engagement ring and tells him about Sidney.

Frank: Frank’s old friend Jimmy comes to visit him, asking to be considered for a promotion that’s coming up. He seems alright but Henry is not a fan. Back in the day, Jimmy saved Frank’s life but was also cheating on his wife, which, in Henry’s eyes, means he isn’t a good person – or a good cop. Frank doesn’t use his power to give jobs to his friends though and makes Jimmy go through the interview process. While this is going on, a woman approaches Erin and tells her a story about her daughter being mugged in Jimmy’s jurisdiction but it was never filed. When Erin digs a bit deeper, she finds out Jimmy has been “cooking the books” about other burglaries and such to make his numbers look better. Frank had already chosen someone else for the job, going with his gut instinct. He confronts Jimmy and tells him he can be demoted or can leave the force with his pension.

Another stellar episode. I was waiting for some NKOTB to come on the radio the dozens of times Danny was in the car or the club. I liked learning more about his past and seeing his relationship with Linda. Also great to see Frank go with his gut and not doing favors for his friends. I like that Jamie is trying to find out what happened to Joe, but I wish it would move a little faster. Still, a great episode! What did you think? Leave your two cents below!

Line of the night:
Danny: We just took a statement from a 6’4″ transsexual escort who thinks her Labradoodle was dognapped by her Shrink. How could I not be having fun right now? I’m telling you Jack, they can keep Central Park and Times Square. This is the New York that I love. The one you never see on a post card.
Jackie: Now there’s an untapped market, tranihooker postcards.

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